Tuesday, May 17, 2016



Fireball92:  Folks who continue to ask WHY Iraq is getting a loan.... Really need to study up... Its advanced Economics 101

VaDream:  I understand why they got the loan economics 101 but why not just rv to move your country forward?

Fireball92:    va dream-  infrastructure….. without infrastucture to support it, progress will overwhelm and cause implosion

Fireball92:  The Iraq loan is like this. If a high earner loses job for a couple years and also gets robbed BIGtime, totally devastating their finances, (IRAQ). Then finally the person gets a new source of income (RV rate), they will not be able to immediately resume their lifestyle and former economic activity unless they have funds.

They now QUALIFY for a loan they will now be able readily to pay. VOILA they can now resume life and like IRAQ, can RESUME economic activity as before (internationally) . Get It?

As a young practioner, I wanted my practice to GROW! A wise advisor showed me that if I doubled volume prior to placing thr infrastructure, ultimatetly, growth would cause failure

Pearle:  fireball do you think they can get this done for the 1st half of the year

Fireball92:  Pearle... IMF Said In the 1st half

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