Saturday, May 14, 2016



Artneto:  It's Over! Well, almost! The markets are down, cannot be propped up much longer. USD will be worthless once China is gold backed on June 16. Iraq has announced to their people to expect a rate change this weekend.

Now we learn that IMF is meeting with Shabibi, Allaq, Salah, and Zabari for the next 5 days.
THis WILL pop by next week, the 19th

Artneto:  IMF is meeting with Shabibi, Alaq and a few other big names from 15-19th regarding financial reform/ RV. IMO this is it

Once CHina is gold-backed, i.e., refusing to accept USD as currency, it's over for USA unless we have a plan - GCR/or gold back the USD - to counter the affect of China's actions.

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