Tuesday, May 31, 2016



MsGemini28 : Elmer: Breaking news! Coalition forces have reached the center of Falluja. Over 27 towns have been eradicated from ISIS Control! Iraqis flags now flying! Memorial day of their own

Elmerf123456 : This is good news indeed Iraq flags have not flown in Falluja in a very long time if anyone remembers the movie American sniper or that was the melting pot or or better known as a center for axis of evil back in the bush days this is a wonderful thing for Iraq and the Iraqi people quite possibly this victory can lead towards unification and the turning of the tide for their people

Elmerf123456:: As reported. Iraqi flags flying in Fallujah. Iraqi flags flying in Fallujah.https://www.rt.com/news/344801-iraqi-forces-enter-fallujah/

Elmerf123456:  We are all waiting. But not much longer IMO.  Promised timelines cause confusion and sometimes intentional and creates a thinking of delays when in fact it misleads you down wrong paths, stops and starts in your mind. This is happening as it should and will when it should. No more no less. So much real news out there you can see the big picture if you stay focused and let it happen as it unfolds! Ease your minds and the rest will follow!

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