Sunday, May 22, 2016



Elmerf123456: Breaking News! ‎20000 from the federal police force marching near Fallujah in preparation for the Declaration of a State of zero hour and take the city back. Big Moves are happening. Mosul Next! Swift action is taking place.

The fall of ISIS in Iraq and the coming great victory of Mosul will be shared by all Brothers! Soon we share in the celebration and and so in the names of the martyrs Who gave their blood and personal sacrifice so Iraq fulfills its promise to our homeland.

Fancy01: Elmer. Is there any chance of this already being done?

Elmerf123456: Not yet. It's starting… I don't suspect it will take long with the force they have gathered. It's gonna be swift. They flew over Mosul and Falluja and dropped pamphlets telling anyone that wants to get out get out now… #Fallujah is the capital of Arab chauvinism, Ba'athist hubris and #ISIS brutality.

Retaking it would be resounding blow to these groups.

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