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TNT Call notes 4-May-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to the super-fantastic call on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here.  When are we going to see it Wednesday?  Only time will tell.  What’s next?  Based on what we’ve already experienced, what has taken place and what needs to take place… what’s next?
What intel can we share with you?  Over here there is as much going on today as there was on Monday.  Everything is quiet.  Some banking contacts have simply not responded – is there a blackout?  Some were thinking and looking at yesterday, depending on people’s banking connections.  Our banking contacts are increasing and adding to the information channels, so that we can know what to expect from a basic standpoint. We are making good connections in different banks, not just WF or Chase.  They cannot all look at screens and tell us the rates, but they can share what they know at their level.  It’s good to have that information to prepare ourselves.  Btu the bank doesn’t know the date any more than we do, although they get memos to get their people in place so that they don’t get caught with their pants down when this does pop.  They have high levels of optimism, and I go along with that, knowing that this is going to happen sooner or later.
That’s for this side.  The last time we heard from Canadian sources, they are pretty much waiting for everyone else.  I believe we are all going to make a move at the same time – Canada, the US, overseas.  We still have the different divisions:  private, groups, public.
Some interesting things have been happening in Iraq since Monday.  On their television on Tuesday, Sadr was giving Iraq until tomorrow (today) to deal with corrupt officials and complete the reforms;  otherwise, we haven’t seen nothing yet!  The way they went into Parliament and tore it up… that is nothing compared to what they intend to do next.  They are giving them until today to get this done, so I don’t know.  We learned that they possibly when to a special location designed for emergency meetings, and I hear that Abadi named all his Cabinet members apart from two.  I don’t know why he left the other two;  we will have to wait to find out. Parliament didn’t officially meet, but Abadi was exercising his prerogatives under Executive Orders.  We have been waiting for an announcement, and that might have been it.  What we don’t know today we will learn tomorrow – it will come to light, even things we don’t really care about, but think it may have some impact on what we are looking for.  Once the dust settles and you exchange, you won’t keep up with what Iraqi politicians are doing, although we do care about Iraqi citizens, because they are fighting for reforms.  When they have the economic and political reforms, that will be a good thing for citizens.
That is all the information I have to for you right now;  I’ll take some member questions.
Q:  Are you still planning on asking for three numerals re: the rate on the zim?  A:  Yes – one on the left side of the decimal point, and two on the right.  I will at least ask in that range for the international rates;  for contract rates, I’m going to four numerals.
Q:  When gas prices were dropping like a rock, Tony said they would have to come back to about $2.20 and steady.  Are we there?  A:  I don’t know the connection there;  I will ask what tony had on his mind when he said that/
Q:  Could the world leaders be waiting for the presidential conventions to be concluded? 
A:  When is that?  I don’t think that world leaders are waiting for that, and the citizens of Iraq are definitely not waiting.  They have made a promise that once Iraq is doing all that is needs to do on the civil or political scale, I don’t’ see anything would justify holding up the revaluation of their currency.  So I don’t think they are waiting for things here.
Q:  Have you heard any of this relating to the zim, that virtually any exchange of zim will lead to a structure payout?  A:  I have not heard that;  doesn’t mean it’s not true. I want to speak about structured payouts for a minute.  Firstly, the banking people I’ve talked to say that there is no way they can do that anyway, according to their charters.   So the banking people are saying, “No way, Jose”.  From another point of view, many are seeing this as negative, but let’s see if we can turn it into a positive.  What will you do with your funds from the exchange?  You were going to spend and buy things – houses, cars, planes, whatever -- pay cash and be done with it.  Now some of us see the disadvantages to paying cash, like missing opportunities.  But what is a structured payout?  It is a guaranteed payment.  It’s like guys in the military getting a car loan – unless you are doing something terrible, you have a guaranteed paycheck for the long haul, so you have no problem paying back a bank loan.  Structured payout is a guaranteed payment.
The following is just an example:  let’s say you did an exchange for one million dollars.  And the bank says “we’ll give you 500,000 now and the remainder over the next five years.” So all the things you want to buy, you can us the structured payout to pay for, and use the $500,000 capital to invest and create an income.  Most people are just not conditioned to think that way.   But if you have a guaranteed payment every month or every quarter, nothing wrong with having a car or house payment come out of the structured payout.  Let that be the tool to do all your shopping.  So IF there is a structured payout, you will have a plan and a defined purpose.  So I’m thinking that I’ll get some money upfront and the rest in a structured payout that doesn’t go away when you die.  You are going to the bank with 10 million dollars worth of ‘something’ that you want to exchange into US dollars.  You walked in as a ten-millionaire, and you traded it for ten million in this country’s currency.  If I come to the bank with ten million of something and exchange it to ten million of something else, how can the bank tell me that I’m only going to get half and we’ll give you the rest over the next five, ten or twenty years.  Even if they can do that, see it as a way of supporting your shopping.
Q:  Remember the 2007 Budget?  Did that really happen?  A:  Yes, to the best of my knowledge they approved that.
Q:  Have you heard from your usual banking contacts?  A:  Some yes, some no.  I have been updated – nothing happened, they don’t know why they didn’t do anything, and they are waiting to do something.
Q:  Is there any question you wish people would ask you on the Q and A?  A:  I wish they would ask me questions that they could do something with the answer.  Some do that, but a large percentage of you in the forum or on OM never reference a great tool that is greatly overlooked for what you can use it for – the self-directed Roth IRA.  There is still time for you to grab it and use it before they modify its structure.  I assume that when the dust settles, they may change the structure, but if you move on it now, you will be grandfathered in. You need to look at this, especially if you are sitting on a slow-moving 401k;  if you have money in a retirement account, at least investigate the Roth IRA.  You are missing a good deal!
Q:  Were any decisions made by the three presidents in their meeting in Iraq?  A:  I don’t know;  I haven’t heard of any specific announcements from my intel providers.  Someone put out that Abadi made an announcement, but I’m out on that until I hear from someone over there, seeing it on the television screen, etc.  There was an expectation…
Q:  Has Abadi appointed all cabinet members?  A:  All but two.
Q:  How about first time caller, one-question Wednesday?  A:  You are the first one to ask about that.  The Q and A questions have been pretty good, not so much a waste of time. Some good questioners have more than one pertinent question.  If others want one-question Wednesdays, I will entertain that thought.
Q:  If most exchanges are to be offsite, then I’m thinking of opening an account with a small amount of cash, and calling from out of state to make sure the account is really there… A:  I don’t grasp what you are getting at.  I understand your qualms about exchanging not in the usual locations, but I don’t understand about calling out of state.  If they are setting up offices outside the usual bank branches, what is the issue here?  What they do on the outside or what they do inside the building?  Our concern is creating the accounts and dropping money into it through the exchange.  I knew someone who could create bank accounts for people, and if he didn’t have a bank office as such, but if you wanted to take out some cash, you could over to the actual bank and withdraw some of your new funds.  Otherwise, it was all digital, so they would give you a deposit slip and send you on your way. When we get the 800 numbers, you can all and get these answers to your satisfaction.
Q:  Which players are still in Iraq?  A:  I don’t know.  The people who could tell me that have not checked in.  We have this mysterious quietness from both sides.  Banking folks have clammed up, and Iraqi contacts are about the same way. They don’t know where Jack Lew is, or IMF staff… they just tell us about lower denominations and such. The average citizen doesn’t follow that stuff unless it’s in the news, and then we will hear it anyway.
512 caller:  Realistically, are we looking for a good weekend for this to happen?
RayRen:  The banks thought they would do something last Saturday, then Monday and yesterday.  In Iraq, they are being told to get this done today, or else… With all of that happening right on the doorstep, open the door and let it out!  I think we are pretty much there, unless something else takes place – so what’s next?
602 caller:  I waited all day, and you never called or texted me!
RayRen:  We didn’t talk?!  I thought I called you!  I called somebody else in Arizona, thinking it was you.  I will write your number down again.
Caller:  Last Monday you talked about contractors being paid in bonds.  Are they still waiting, or walking off the jobs?
RayRen: I asked about that, but people refuse to comment on that.  If someone knows a contractor who is willing to talk to us, put them in touch. 
Caller:  The citizens usually get paid in the first week of the month – anything about that?
RayRen:  It hasn’t been news to us, so I assume it’s not an issue at this time.  And I will make sure that I call you today!
610 caller:  Donate!  New month, new bills!  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com, and click on that red DONATE button.
RayRen:  I was hoping the last time you came on, that would be it.  Thank you very much.
816 caller:  They were saying the SKRs were paid, and I heard that some of the other larger groups were paid, but from what Tony said, I thought that when the SKRs are paid, the RV had to happen first.  So has the RV already happened?
RayRen:  I don’t know;  that’s information I have not received.  I am thinking if a massive number of SKRs are being funded, that is going to get out.  It won’t be one person and one bank contact – many of us have bank contacts.  However, there are some things we hear that are so one-sided that we don’t know what to think.
Caller:  I also heard that all countries have gone gold-backed, so the RV must have happened as well.  If so, where can I exchange my currency?
RayRen:  Unless I’m totally missing this, when you back a currency, that tells you the government has on deposit the gold or silver or whatever the equivalent was for that dollar.  If you are going to back something with gold, you have the gold on hand to give that money validity.  So if those countries are backing up their currency with gold, where is all that gold.  It may be a mislabeling, or maybe they mean ‘asset-backed’.  For Iraq, the #1 asset is its oil, plus the other minerals that have been discovered.  I haven’t heard of Iraq having a whole lot of gold in their country, and I don’t think there is enough gold to go around.  So if you are saying ‘gold-backed’, I don’t think that can be true.  If I have a misunderstanding, I will learn as much as anyone else.  Everyone has been saying ‘gold-backed’ and they might mean ‘asset-backed’.
Caller:  From what you said earlier, Sadr gave Abadi until today to get this sorted out.  Do you think it will go this week?
RayRen:  Abadi did go to that secret meeting and he did announce most of the cabinet, so there is progress and moving forward.  He is getting the job done, and if he’s doing it with the right people, the citizens will be happy.  They want honest politicians that they trust, with equal representation, same as we do here.  The equal representation is a bit more daunting, but Abadi is making progress.  I don’t ‘think they are letting that threat getting to him, because Abadi wants to do those things anyway, and now he has the power to do so without the Parliament.  
There is this site called gofundme.com where you can launch a fund-raising campaign, whatever you need to raise money.  Let’s say you need $750 for your transmission;  go towww.gofundme.com and see if anyone can assist you with what you need.  If people can donate five or ten dollars and you put it in front of enough people, it’s just like this site. You’re being truthful and honest, and the fund stops at that point, so it’s a straightforward way to ask for assistance for those at the end of their rope.  It’s pretty simple at that fund, although you have to be computer-literate to use the site.
704 caller:  I’m worried because I have not handled money well my whole life.  I am concerned that we can invest this properly to live off it, and I don’t know whom to trust or to believe in, like wealth manager, for instance.  Should I use someone that I know, that has been involved in finances?  My brother was an investor, and his degree is in stock trading. 
RayRen:  I believe that wealth managers are trustworthy;  I don’t think we have to worry about them from a trust perspective.  In your situation, I’d probably work with the trust manager, and run those discussions by your brother.  He can look it over to make sure you are going in the right direction, without taking on the burden of your finances.
Caller:  So if we do go to a bank and use their private banker, then we should trust them? We don’t want to jump into anything, not be aggressive in our trading, but to use safer products.
RayRen:  If you tell them you don’t want anything high-risk, they will try to give you what you are looking for, and be realistic with your expectations and the outcomes.  You can still use outside auditing practices.  All of us will use outside firms to audit what we are doing with the bank, quarterly or twice a year;  we trust the bank to do business with, but we need to keep checking up to make sure it’s all working properly and they are going above and beyond.  You will have your money in their bank if they are handling your investments.  I don’t care if the bank is new or established;  if they can get me the rate of return I’m looking for, I’ll work with them and give them my business.
Caller:  As for the skeleton trust you mentioned the other day, that’s about setting up a trust, or letting the bank set it up, and you name the beneficiaries, is that right?
RayRen:  Look at the skeleton trust, see what it can do as a tool, and ask if you need this particular tool.  What does it offer you?  If you know what it can do to help you achieve your aims and goals, then you can make your own decision on using a skeleton trust.
As long as you don’t try to blow up your lifestyle, just go up a couple of notches, you don’t have to worry about ‘being taken’ because you won’t risk your money to get it back ten-fold.  If you have a modest lifestyle, you can use low-risk investments to maintain that lifestyle on the interest on those investments.
Caller:  Do we need to factor in a cost-of-living increase every year?
RayRen:  Yes, so long as you don’t take too big a leap. You will have to have some good investments if you jump from a $1,500 mortgage payment to $15,000 per month, or to jump from on old car into a new BMW or whatever.  If you have modest lifestyle, then modest investments will let you live a few notches above where you are now.  You can just do the more middle-class investments;  if you have a nice chunk of capital, you will get a nice return @ 5% rather than the 15% that more aggressive investors are looking for.  The WM will help you make those decisions, and we will have think tank meetings to share what we are learning.  If this dinar-based site goes down, we will make a transition to another site with the same member base:  how to use financial tools, etc. 
Caller:  Like the self-directed Roth IRA you mentioned?
RayRen:  That is a vehicle;  you would still select the investments to buy from there.  Right now, the best investment in that Roth IRA is currency!
That wraps it up for today.  If there is a need to come back or to send a tweet with important information, or an 800 number to roll out, you know we will send those out.  We will follow their instructions so we can give you what you want.  While we wait, just hang in there and believe.
RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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