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TNT Call notes 25-May-2016 -- with forum questions, no callers
RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, May 25, 2016. This is RayRen98 here, working the controls.
What do we have to discuss?  One thing I forgot to put in the tweet message was  ‘no new intel’.  If you were anticipating that, you might want to disconnect and go back to your normal activity.  What will we discuss for TNT members who want more than just intel.  They can just mosey on down the road, because they are just here for what they can get. I guess some might stay on the call anyway…
There have been reports of active cards, at a rate of $3.70 or thereabouts.  To the best of our knowledge based on the information we have received, all the banks in Iraq have those lower denominations. The cards are clearly international, but the currency itself is still not showing as international on all levels that the general public can see. Over time, that too will change.
Also in Iraq, there have been more arrests, as we started reading in articles last night… supposed wrong-doings being corrected justified.  This is about the reforms and getting rid of corruption, and the citizens over there are more satisfied.  So far as we are concerned, things are underway;  if the cards are international, the currency will have to match up sooner or later.  Over time, the true information will reveal itself.
Any other information?  I have to be careful what I say.  What are we getting from the bank activity?  Not all banks are saying the exact same thing every day.  I’m getting reports of rates, but most are being tight-lipped about what those rates are… just that they are ‘attractive’.  I’ve been following the banks for a while and there is a high level of excitement and expectation.  I don’t think they really know the dates themselves.  They are being told to prepare, that it’s about to happen, and they operate from that information.  This takes away that foolishness about this being a ‘scam’.  When we hear these things, it brings believability.  A year or so ago, the banks were all saying “this will never happen” or “that is a year or two down the road.”  I think we are finally here, and we have windows that we look.  The IMF says the second half of 2016 that Iraq will be this and that [no, that was the first half of 2016], and others are saying Iraq wants to be done buy 1. June.  The IMF has agreed loans with Iraq, along that same time frame.  So when you take all we are hearing and mix it up in the same pot, we get a very good stew.
This information comes in so late now;  people providing intel are not on my payroll, so I cannot tell them to bring it in by a certain time, and sometimes I hear something just before this call and have to judge if it’s okay or not okay to say on the call.  We’ll see how things unfold through the day and through the week.  Is the clock ticking?
Questions from the forum:
Q:  If the bank offers a contract payout on the zim, should we require interest payments?
A:  I would hope so!  If the bank is holding onto some large chunk of my money, then I would expect some interest!  Let’s say you have ten million dollars worth of foreign currency and want to exchange it for ten million US dollars, why would you leave half of it with the bank? 
Q:  I have a friend in Iraq who says there is  nothing going on with the currency, cards, etc.  A:  Iraq is a big country and we’ve often heard different things from different areas.  For example, one une they said they wyoudl issue cards, and they did – but not to every person. They decided to give them out to different sectors.  Then they gave them cards with nothing on them, saying there would money on them later on.  They kept their word – the cards were given out to some on 1. June.  WE assumed currency would be loaded on them at the new rate, and there was not.  Just because it hasn’t happened for you, doesn’t mean it’s untrue.  The different provinces have different situations, and we don’t really get that because in the US, the dollar has the same rate everywhere.  We have an Iraqi friend that we can call at will and for a long time he said there was nothing, and then one day he talked to his guy who now believes because he received his card.  There was no money on it, but he got the card, and over time things started to fall into place.  People outside the country are saying they are able to use the cards, and haven’t heard that from anyone inside the country yet.  We will hear that and we won’t care because we’ll have already been to the bank.  It’s all about timing.
Q:  Are we still expecting to pay a fee to the bank for exchanging;  is it negotiable?  And will we have to share our plans with the bank in order to get more than international rate?
A:  As for the fees, call the bank and ask.  Whatever the bank is doing today, they will probably be doing tomorrow, so call them:  are you charging for this?  Is it based on vlume or is it a flat rate?  Is it negotiable?  If you walk in there with money in your pocket, there is probably room for negotiation.
Q: Where will you start with the dong and zim?  What’s reasonable?  I don’t want to be laughed out of the bank, but also don’t want to leave too much money on the table.
A:  How long does being laughed at last?  And how long does it last when you leave a lot of money on the table?  I’m not worried about being laughed at.  I cannot tell you where to start, but I’ll start with $X.XX.  If they laugh, I’ll ask what they can offer me as a negotiation.  If you cannot ask for the higher rates, you will not get them.  If they say that is ridiculous, they at least know what I want.  How sure are you of yourself and your actions?  If you are not prepared to walk out if they offer something you don’t like, you’ll end up with what they like.  If you calmly state what you want, they will have to deal with that.  You have to be sure of yourself.  That’s who you are selling when you walk in there – you are selling yourself, your plans, your confidence.  If they see that assurance, they will give it to someone else.  You have to show that you are not playing games.  If they say “we cannot do that”, you respond with “what can you do?”  Show that you have been listening and you believe that it is more than a couple of sense.
Q:  Is the rollout still tied to when the rates are posted on the UN site, which changes on the 15th and the 1st of each month.   A: I suppose it depends when the rollout occurs;  the UN will adjust their rates at the next time of posting.
Q:  Do you will believe that Iraq will postpone this due to US influence?  A:  No.
Q:  If I have an irrevocable trust, could that trust set up another trust for a giving program and the main trust still be protected against lawsuits?  A: I would not do that. I personally would set up a giving program as a giving program, not as part of your main trust.  There are too many issues there.  We won’t get into that on this call.
Q:  Can you explain about sovereign rates that are much higher than the international rates (heard from other intel people)?  A:  You have to go to the other intel people who are giving you this information;  I don’t know anything about that.
Q:  If I have a trust and the trustees are my grown sons, how is that taxed?  A:  As income;  the trust pays them and they pay income tax on what they earn.  The rest can be spent on whatever they like, just like any other income.
Q:  Should a private family foundation be set up under a trust?  A:  No.
Q:  If the cards are international at $3.71, why are dealers still selling at the lower rates, and why aren’t the hedge funds jumping in?  A:  Because the price hasn’t changed yet.
Q:  Didn’t the IMF say they expect this the FIRST half of 2016?  A: Could be;  I’m not sure.  First half ends 30. June, second half starts 1. July.  I’ll still be here if necessary.
 [I have a work meeting and there is no new intel so I am leaving the call now. Check the Cliff Notes for Ray’s summary.]

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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