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TNT Call notes 11-May-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, May 11, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here, working the controls.
It looks like we won’t be long on this session;  as far as I’m concerned here is no new intel.  We’re in the same position as Monday, with some minor adjustments. 
On the US side, the banks have gotten extremely quiet;  employees are zipped and not sharing information.  The basic position is they are saying ‘by Friday’ is when they will start doing some exchanges.  It remains to be seen if they are private ones or not.
Across the pond, if we are still looking for the government of Iraq to be the deciding factor, then we’ll listen to information like Parliament meeting again, bonds going on sale publicly, the Kurds coming back to the table, etc.  People are still protesting in the streets but not in the Green Zone.   Government appointees are being sworn in.  There has been no other information coming out apart from ‘adjusting to the new currency rates’ that I mentioned on Monday.  So we have no way to measure if they are done or if there is still more to go.  That’s the information right now as far as Iraq and the US. 
The Canadians are still waiting for the US banks to go;  they assume they are going to pop out with our banks.
Q:  This weekend two lawyers on a talk show discussed gifting;  $14,000 is fine per years, but for family members it should be $12,000 because a different form is filled out.  The 709a form is now obsolete.  A:  That might be relevant for those who are making gifts.  However, in the conversation about owners vs. controllers, that might be important.  We have been talking about ownership vs. control of assets. If you want to be a controller rather than an owner, most tools are set up for owners.  You might want to consider which tools or avenues are the longest-lasting, things that might last for generations, rather than your help being just a flash in the pan.
Q:  Are some of the bank contacts giving you intel actually staff members in exchange centers?  If so, are the rates on the screens real or just place-holders?  A:  Loosely, yes.
Q:  There was intel about the CBI the major loan, the CBI also stated their commitment to knocking off the three zeros and also commitment to stability.  A lot of us know that when Kuwait reinstated their rate, they did it literally by candlelight. If you didn’t have intel, would you believe they need stability before the RV?  A:  Yes.
Q:  What kind of instrument would you recommend for a widow, for anonymity and safety fo the assets?  A:  I would recommend the widow learn all about the many different tools for asset protection.  If she makes herself knowledgeable, she will be able to choose what works best for her.  There are many issues to consider.  There are a number of tools that do the same thing, and once you get the differences, you will be able to chose.  One factor is ‘permission-based’ vs. ‘non-permission-based’.  It depends on the widow’s priorities, and what crosses the line for her. I cannot easily recommend for her to do this or to do that, but if she is availing herself of the information, those will be answered.
Q:  Will there be an opportunity to have the paperwork drawn up at your workshops?  A:  No, my workshops are about education;  you don’t draft or buy anything, you are just going to school.  Then you can live your life based on that information/education.
Q:  You said the Iraqi banks are looking to change this week;  do your contacts indicate wide-spread lower denominations as well?  A:  Haven’t heard either way.
Q:  Do you think the UN operational rates will die on the 15th?  A:  You will know before we see it posted on the UN site.
Q:  With the banks continually being told to be ready for the RV, I assume the instructions are coming from the UST.  If so, why do they keep doing this?  I assume it’s because the US has no control over this process.  A:  Well, if the UST is telling the banks what to do or not, then they have some control, I guess.
Q:  Have you heard anything about exchange rate change for the dong by the 12th?  A:  No.
Q:  I have found banks that exchange currency but none that verify on site.  What are the potential risks of having it verified off-site?  Should we get it pre-verified somewhere?  A: One potential risk is that if you are separated from your currency, how do you know it might not be confused with someone else’s currency and they might come back and say some of the notes aren’t genuine?  There are enough banks who will verify it on the spot, and I intend for that to happen in the banks I intend to use.  I won’t go to a local bank that sends it someplace else for verification.  It’s your choice.  You might have to go outside your city or state;  do your homework so that you will know.
Q:  Did the IQD change in Iraq this week as we thought according the article?  A:  What article?  No, I haven’t heard of any change on a public scale.
941 caller:  To verify the currency, you only need a black light and look up on Google what to look for.
RayRen:  That won’t mean anything to the bank.
Caller:  Every bank I’ve spoken to has the book to use for verification.  So it should be easy to do.  I’d sit there with the bank and check it with them before they send it off.  When you sign the receipt, you are agreeing about the currency you have.  I have a number of bills, and I went over all of them, and they are all what they are supposed to be.  You can have someone witness that verification, and they will be good.  Everyone seems so concerned about it, but it’s not a big deal.
903 caller:  My WM has some currency and she says they will take care of everyone at the bank.  She has a brother in the UST, and he tells her what’s going on.  The point is not WHEN this will happen, but to be ready when it does.
406 caller:  There were bombing in Baghdad this morning – does that affect us at all?
RayRen:  I don’t’ think so.  The process is moving along.
Caller:  Does it look promising in the near future or the longer-term future?
RayRen:  I would say the near future as the bank people think this is going to wrap up by Friday, and that’s good enough for me.
754 caller:  There was a news story last night talking about Zimbabwe, about how rich a country it is and how they are not going to wait around until this happens globally.  If this doesn’t happen soon, they are going to RV on their own.  Your thoughts?  Can they?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  If they can, they should put up or shut up.  Anyone who says that they can proceed without Iraq, get on with it!
Caller:  Is there anything to prevent them RVing by themselves, before the GCR?
RayRen:  We have always been told that the kingpin here was the Iraqi dinar, that Iraq is the foundation.  If they are not moving ahead, then that implies that Iraq is still important.
Caller:  I called around, and the big branches in the city say they will verify on the spot.  The other branches said firmly they will not.  When you convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, are you talking about converting the whole thing?
RayRen:  If you are bold enough, yes.  Most of us don’t need to, because currency is so cheap.  Do the math.  Yes, there is a tax consequence, so check the numbers. I will take $4,000 and move it over to the Roth IRA.  Yes, I’ll pay tax on that, but I can then buy four million dinar, and the result will be 15-16 million minimum, and that will let me cover the taxes.  If it doesn’t do it this year, it will at some point, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  If you have to set aside $20 per week from your play money to cover it.  Sit down with your calculator and work out the best plan for you.
340 caller:  What about the zim denominations?  Have you heard any info?
RayRen:  Nothing new.  Some banks have said that all denominations will be exchanged, and it only makes sense to knock off the same number from each.  But you can play it on both sides of the fence, because the currency is so inexpensive.  If you buy some millions, billions and trillions, you will cover your bases, and that is affordable. In traditional stocks, etc., we cannot play that kind of game.  But with zim, we’ve been hearing six zeros knocked off.  I haven’t heard any official source say that they will knock of three zeros on the billions and do nothing to the millions.  Whether they do or not, we can afford to get a few of each.  It’s like going to the roulette table, and no matter where the ball ends up, you win.
Caller:  I heard that Zimbabwe is intending to print more money.
RayRen:  There was a shortage of US dollars over there, and they were planning to make up for that shortage, and put 200 million on reserve to back it up, as real money, even thought Zimbabwe citizens were calling that ‘zombie money’ or fiat money. 
Caller: That has nothing to do with the zim?
RayRen:  It has nothing to do with our zim exchanges;  it’s just a medium of exchange.
Caller:  The banks are still in position waiting for something to happen this week?
RayRen:  Yes, by Friday.  I hope it happens before Friday, because I’m going to Phoenix this weekend, and I don’t want to get straight back on the plane as soon as I get there!
508 caller:  How can I send you some money apart from using PayPal? 
RayRen:  PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822
Caller:  How do I send you an email? 
RayRen:  RayRen98@aol.com;  the gmail address doesn’t get there.
816 caller:  I have been educating myself about trusts.  On one of the calls, they said you should put your car in a subtrust, your house in a separate sub-trust, etc.  But he also said that if you didn’t get the trust done before the RV, you cannot do that.  I cannot afford a trust before the RV!
RayRen:  Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time after the RV.  I don’t know if the skeleton trust will work or not because I haven’t seen it.
Caller:  He said the skeleton trust would work for 3-6 months while we figure out the rest.
RayRen:  You have to look at the purpose served by the skeleton trust.  You have to understand what it is and how it works, and then you will know if you want to use one.
Caller:  Doesn’t it protect your money?  Otherwise, you will have to leave 75% in WF and they will pay you interest quarterly in return.  That’s what I’ve been told about the zim holders, and that they would have to sign an NDA.
RayRen:  If you are ‘required’ to do that, ask for the statutes that demand that.
Caller:  Should I get cashiers checks to buy my car, my house, and pay off debts?
RayRen:  Cashiers checks replace cash if you want to walk out with money.  But let the bank person handle paying off your debts, or buy a house or car.  Most of that will be done electronically.  Leave your money in your account until you decide how you want to deal with your purchases.
Caller:  Then they said that WF would make every zim holder sign an NDA…
RayRen: Where is it written in law that I have to do that?
[I have a meeting, and no new information is being given, so I’m hanging up now.]

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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