Monday, May 9, 2016

The Washington Post: Iraq can not be kept alive under the current regime , 9 MAY

The Washington Post reported the US felt that the White House is still betting on the illusion through support for the people to lead Iraq, noting in an editorial that Iraq can not survive under thecurrent regime, which concentrates power in Baghdad, and the consequent divisions between Shiites, as well as the marginalization of the Kurds and Sunni Arabs. 

and find the newspaper that the US foreign policy in Iraq , excessive dependence on individual leaders, who fail often live up to the level of US ambitions, indicating that the White House must realize that the status quo is not could potentially, and that the Obama administration is obliged to address these errors.
and return the paper to the year 2012, following the re - election of Obama, where he threw his weight behind Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki, which will drag the country to dire consequences, especially that the man was religiously, significantly contributed to the tearing up the fragile political system, opening the way for the emergence and predominance of organizing Daash, before leaving in 2014 the process of overthrow, which was followed by the current prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, who wagered by Washington again, and despite the fact that Obama 's mandate is nearing completion, but he still adheres Balebadi, whose days have proved that it is unable to govern the country, or even a reconciliation of the warring parties.
Abadi deficit proved evident last Saturday, when he broke into the supporters of the Shiite Moqtada al - Sadr 's green Zone , the walled; to put pressure on the House of Representatives to vote on a government of technocrats and replace the corrupt system, and the system of sectarian quotas.
Abadi , denounced the raid, who appeared as a lost control of all armed political currents in Iraq, and even the powerful parties that rejected the reform proposals.
amplify Abadi by the Obama administration came at a critical time, it was announced openly expressed its full support for Ebadi, and ran it through a visit by US Vice President, Joe Biden, to Baghdad about a week and a half ago, where he announced to reporters traveling with him that this visit represents the extent of faith in the Obama administration with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, expressing optimism that his government. the
survival of al - Abadi in power will depend basically mainly on Iran 's ability to settle disputes Shiite parties, despite the fact that Iran has shown its inability to address the core of Iraq 's political problem, which is a divide between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, which is why we emphasize that Iraq 's survival under the order this is not possible, and should the White House administration accepts this, according to the Washington Post.
the relay newspaper "since the emergence of al Daash in the Sunni areas of Iraq has focused the White House on Iraq unified logo, which is echoed by Baghdad as well, which meant depriving thegovernment of the autonomous in Iraqi Kurdistan and its armed forces from the resources they need to fight terrorism, and that this resulted in delaying the leadership of Sunni effective emergence to control the liberated areas. " the
Washington Post confirms that the recent crisis must be paid in the White House administration to reconsider its policy in Iraq, the Kurdish leaders declared it explicitly that the political structure in Iraq has collapsed, and that Washington establish a closer relationship with the provincial government, and that Washington encourage the establishment of a federal state similar to the state of theKurds in Sunni Iraq 's regions, while in the case of insisting on Iraq remain united, it would be betting on the strength and increase revenue .
Washington Post concludes her article to confirm that Washington 's continued support for the center, but the person of the government, whether Abadi or other; but it is a recipe for more failure inIraq.

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