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Date: Saturday, 14-May-2016 19:38:34   (Thanks, J. :)

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No more stops. This is conclusion. At end is the exchange.

Banking system up-grading. When up-grade complete will start in Austraila and go around world. Will take 17 hours, then Gen64 starts.

Funds received from China last night, finishing up today.

4 codes per country being entered starting with the first 20 countries.

Tons of gold received in US last night to allow USD gold backed.

20 countries in first basket per BlueWolf.

All done by the 15th.
Dunford back from China. Release time unknown.

Cottrell said bank wireing stuff fixed. He expects to be paid tonight.

Grandfather said to release gold ASAP with 15th as back wall.

Goal is to have 800# out by Sunday night and to have PP delivered by then. That is the GOAL. If that goal is not met, it will be met shortly.

Final steps in progress right now. Keep watching emails.


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 Subject: Fw: Urgent Flash: + Life Changing !!!!!

Major break through politically in last 2 days for USA (after the Beijing meeting). . . .

Codes for the 150 most important Advanced Pay, Humanitarian Projects, are being entered today. This task needed to be done by 2 PT yesterday but they didn't make it in time for Australian banks. Now moving rates from back to front screens. Money should flow sometime in next 48 hours with Monday start on the new system.

(Admiral knows this...looks like finish line is in sight)! Miscellaneous things we're still trying to confirm: - first basket now contains 20 currencies each with their own code to input World Bank/IMF has to enter their codes next to move this forward today!

   . . . FLASH . . .

 Just got word that Hillary will b indicted by FBI. Biden and Elizabeth Warren will take over. She will take down others with her.

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