Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Message from Bluwolf, 24 MAY

Message from Bluwolf  

 5-24-16 WE MUST REACT TO THIS INTEL: It is a fact that there will be SOVEREIGN RATES but like all things it has been given a time stamp till the 31st of May to capitalize on that rate.

With yesterday now gone (where we expected our 800#) we are now schedule for today if God permits.  But see my point is what if for some reason,we don't get the number today,then we fall short another day. Which means that our crippled institutions are actually trying to shorten the actual time frame of this wonderful world event for humanity.

Now I know that these critters lurk around these sites and that being so,please place your concerns under comments so that they my react on and do right by all of us and right by humanity.

And for the Chinese dragon society you now know what is our problem,use your leverage today a lets get this done,for God wants this dream for the world to become a given today,not tomorrow but "TODAY"


Na'maste Bluwolf

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