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Islandg1211:   Frank's CC last night was focused and laid everything out point by point. I agree with absolutely everything that he said.  Link to CC Notes

The Monetary Reform was spelled out in the LOI from the CBI to the IMF six months ago.

The final review scheduled in the LOI is the end of May. Combine this with Intel that the BIS and WB have signed off on the RV, along with Abadi and Biden.

The bond, loans and credit rating agreement that was started in April with Jack Lew is expected to be finalized this month. 

98% of the banking reform is complete. 

Abadi has stated that he has eliminated the Proxy positions, allowing him to appoint a new Gov of the CBI. The Board of Directors have already been replaced.

So, the Monetary Reform has really progressed and is falling into place.

The war against ISIS is 70% complete. Although the toughest battles will be Fallujah and Mosul. 

Baghdadi may have been hit, and not releasing that Intel would be very encouraging. 

However, the GOI is a big mess, combined with Sadr's and the protestors' actions. 

Maliki and Shahstani are still not arrested. 

The GOI still isn't meeting. 

Abadi still hasn't announced the rest of his cabinet.
The laws are still not passed. 

The Kurds' Article 140 and HCL are still not law. 

All of this is in my opinion. But, I said this on Monday and I'll say it again, Abadi has to use his power now or lose it.

For him to go yet another day with only coming out with a speech is dangerously too weak

Frank26:  Your CC NOTES say IMO .......... Last Thursday  BIS and WB said to Iraq............ Go on MR.

Then they say that the IMF said they will finish with Iraq in May.

That's what i believe. KTFA    Frank


Islandg1211:  Frank-I was completely with your Intel about April 28th, which is interesting because I didn't call you about that timeframe. As I have posted for the last month, IMO that was a "targeted" timeframe. I still believe it was
Frank26:  smile

Walkingstick:  Urgent Abadi calls for parliament to return to its meetings
: 5.5.2016 18:20 • 

Called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a speech from the TV, the House of Representatives to return to its meetings in order to proceed with reform and the adoption of laws Almanmh..itba



ReddStar:  http://www.imn.iq/?p=37566

Hammoudi Office: Abadi confirms abuse of never again allowing the legislative authority!

The head of the Council of Ministers Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi of never again allowing
offended to the legislature, according to the Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament
Dr. Hamoudi. After meeting with Dr. Haidar al-Abadi Prime Minister, the Deputy Speaker
Sheikh Hamoudi that there is a common vision for the three presidencies need for a
parliamentary session held close to the completion of the completion of the cabinet reshuffle
and file a comprehensive reform in all its paragraphs.

Hamoudi and called on all parties to assume their responsibilities in maintaining the structure of the state through the intensification of serious dialogues to resolve the current crisis and to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the exercise of its oversight role of Parliament and the Legislative.

He quoted al-Abadi confirmed not to allow the repetition of the abuse of the legislative authority and the attack on members of the House of Representatives and employees, noting that the parliament safety valve political process and without the state become disabled and paralyzed.

He stressed thatthe government has formed an investigative committees to uncover the repercussions of theattack on the parliament building and Characters as well as changes in the securityresponsibilities to control security and stability


Frank26:  LOL ......... TA DA ...

Doodlebug:  Lawmakers are preparing to invite Abadi new ministers to attend the cabinet meeting before the oath is unconstitutional


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