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Mountainman:  We See The IMF Set IRAQ in A Position to to Take the Necessary Steps to COOPERATE and NOTICE****{COORDINATE} the Loans that Tells Me that (THEY) are Proceeding FORWARD,(NOT) BACKWARDS w/the INTERNATIONAL PLAN for The GLOBAL MR and IRAQ'S Path Into the GLOBAL ECONOMY...

IRAQ has AGREED to Do what They have Been Told to do In ORDER to Receive the LOANS....I Sense A NO NONSENSE -We Are Moving this MR to It's Objective and the Reality that IRAQ is COOPERATING/COORDINATING w/ the IMF shows the COLLECTIVE Mindset of PROGRESS FORWARD......

 Notice the LOANS Still REFLECT From NOW this Year over the NEXT 2 Years.......

I believe the GLOBAL MR will Move FORWARD w/or W/out IRAQ......In Spite of Yesterdays Bombings.......The WORLD ECONOMIES Cannot  and WILL (NOT)Wait ANY LONGER and IRAQ Knows It ........In the END.....The NEW REALITY will be Just that ......A NEW GLOBAL REALITY.....With or Without.....IRAQ......IMO

Blessings,Mountainman  (8)=New Beginnings.........for A NEW GLOBAL REALITY........

BenBlessed1:  The Currency Reset
In My Opinion, we need to be aware of MASSIVE changes coming to the world's economic systems; especially ours in the USA, and so we hopefully are aware and prepared due to all the wonderful news and updates here from Frank, BackDoc, MM, PJ, ReddStar and Thunderhawk (And so many more- forgive me for not listing you); but have we planned for an extended shutdown (Say a year- like the lady who had a visitation from Yahshua was told to store food and water for 1 year) or even martial law which some politicians might prefer?

I am not fear mongering because we are commanded to ONLY BELIEVE! However, for some it is wisdom to plan ahead for our loved ones.

With asset backed currencies that have been in the making for over a decade (and perhaps some gold and silver) we will or should be able to survive severe financial losses that could lend to chaos for us and our families.  

Now In My Opinion, if you live in a country whose currency value will soon be increased due to the assets determined by the G-20's formula- you will have massive growth and opportunity; with increased purchasing power- but if not, you will need to dig in and brace the hopefully temporary storm of financial upheaval.

Some countries, IMO (USA, Canada G.B. etc.), will have their currency values go down Vs. (In the case of the USA likely DRAMATICALLY) other currencies values for trade- meaning higher costs for IMPORTS, but will allow for INCREASED sales of our products as they will be cheaper for other countries to purchase, allowing the return of factories and productivity based on USA ingenuity and insight.

Also, under TPP, we will have our intellectual rights protected against thievery from other countries. Under the TPP trade agreement oil prices will be controlled to stay lower- not likely $100 oil. (Likely $55-$75 bbl. for the next few years) They will be able to control OPEC and their price gouging. When Saudi Arabia depegs from the USD (All planned) the USD will- hmm...how do I say this gently?

Crash is not a good word- but DEVALUE greatly---along with many countries debts to us---AND OUR COUNTRY'S DEBTS! GONE! Then, as we recover, we start over with a NEW ASSET BACKED CURRENCY - possibly called the TREASURY RESERVE NOTE- likely or possibly doing away with the Federal Reserve... all planned- can you see the plan loved ones?  

Just now media (All news is now pretty much controlled by six corporations) is calling for audits and accountability for the Fed Reserve Bank- owned by the 13 families.  They are willingly doing this as they cannot print money at will anymore based on the new formula agreed to by the G-20.

Blessings and Shalom loved ones- we FEAR NOT! Yahweh is in charge. He has an agenda- finance His places of refuge for the WILDERNESS and finance His end time’s harvest of souls into His KINGDOM! 
Shalom to your heart, benblessed1

PS the Iranian Rial is low priced imo and I expect it to go up in value similar to the Iraqi dinar, as they are trading partners and Shi'ite brothers...hence we removed sanctions. So In My Opinion, it is a bargain!


Mountainman:  Very Well Stated and IMO......CORRECT.....PREPARATION and PRUDENCE is (NOT) A Fatalistic Perspective......Just that, One who has A"FAILURE to PLAN is A PLAN to FAIL" ...... MINDSET that can CAUSE Unneeded Heartaches...... IMO

Blessings,Mountainman  (8)=New Beginnings........for A PLAN.......

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