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Intel Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday night 5-3-16

Intel Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday night 5-3-16
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: We are in a good place. It is just amazing that the year is moving along dramaticallly.
Bruce call: Intel now
Bruce call: Bruce: 21 different intel points
1.Because the new sovereign digital USN has now merged as one, the old fiat USD is no longer being accepted in any country in the world even the US. We are now gold back sovereign country
2) The RV technical progress last night, a large amount of data that supports all the process relate to the rv, enough money for all redeemers

3) in 16 different cities over 40,000 SKRs that previously accumulated several years have been all satisfied.
4- skr's were held by high value banking personel...
5) two kinds of skrs, varied rates and fixed rates
6) past couple of days several meetings process, rates, interest rates
7) unknowing WM are being told what has happening and what will occur this week
8) 1000s of acting machine techs been trained, been placed in 250 large cities in America to service the machines for the 20 million plus expected to redeem
Bruce speaking of many have gifted, at 20 million primarly this have gone on and many have gifted
9) there is a check list so that all may redeem in any city at any moment safely
Bruce: we have at least 2 per zipcode
10) Since Sunday of last week very large Church and missionary humanitarian groups have been processed . that is occuring even today
11) All 5500 off site redemption centers are still on security lock down this hour, protected by miltary police and other entities. professionally monitored at all times with security
Bruce: expect license plates to be photographed time you go and leave
12) Higher rates are available for 6 day periods than lower rates offered. lower rates are still fantastic
13) higher volumn redeeming clients will be asked to participate in easy understand structured payouts
Bruce: some of the wealth so large, many of us going to have a sigh of release the way this is being handled, handled in a very smart way to take the worry out of the equation.
14) Ultra high redeemers are as follow: two billion iqd, 5 B vnn, offered various programs to fit your financial needs . Bruce: 2 B iqd if the amount after you exchange you net 2B dollars or more, you will be a candidate for the structure payout.
Bruce: Same as true with 5B VNN. ZIM is such that it will also all be in a structure payout
15) The final program you select will depend on your personal perference, age and volumn and kind of currency you redeem. Bruce: it is a vary uncomplicated process, select what program that meets your needs at best.
16) on Monday night at midnight, Puerto Rico defaulted on sovereign loans, all corps also defaulted same time.
17- the release timing of the rv is still unknown.... expected sometime this week, with a high expectation for this to move forward this week. the bulk has already accord
Bruce: Being gold back major step that took place. Now we have other things moving through. matter of the timing. last minute things need to happen so we get our starting point.
18) 800 numbers locked in, and released through the China check list. Bruce: some been checked off. Buy sell agreements for the currency. it is a process according to a master plan.
19) WF has 3 regional sites for satellite banks. They have one for the east coast, one for west coast, and middle of the country.
Bruce: To work the currencies in buy and sell arrangements.
20) The internet group consider private. There are tiers concerning the groups. Bruce: the last group, tier 5 is the public those not paying attention
Bruce: Internet pubic is majority of us, some of us in private groups, most of us in the so call internet public, we know about what is going on. paying attention and looking forward to toll free numbers
Bruce: We will make them available on our website. at thebigcall.net. if we are permitted.
21) Abadi made all necessary annoucements about the soveriegnity of Iraq and the Iraqi currency in good standing after 12 years of war.
Bruce: ISIS will be dealt with, major problem. Iraq happy they are gold back and able to trade freely around the world
Bruce: A brand new financial system, transaction in matter of seconds instead of days.
Bruce: Going to discuss concept of moving from this process from now this event unfolding to taking them over the threshold into our new lives. So much really to come into that is different for us. Some patterns we want to drop regarding money.
Bruce: Some of the old money may not welcome us. WE dont want to discuss with people how we obtained this wealth because of ndas. If someone knows you really loaded, your kids can become a target with kidnapping.
Bruce: Dont tell your little kids especially, because they dont have filters. Kids or Grandkids can become targets.
Bruce call: speaking personal thoughts concerning redeeming
Bruce: When you get the 800 numbers: make sure you have a pen that works. calm yourself down. Write down time, location, anything else in terms of directions. you will need to know your own zipcode.
Bruce: The zipcode you want to exchange in if different city than your in.
Bruce: What do I bring to the appointment: 2 or more forms of photo ID, drivers license, passport, school ID, sams card, etc. something with your physcial address like utility bill. I going to bring my receipts, but not bring them out.
Bruce: Go to the appt, wear the nicest clothes you feel comfortable in. A nice look business casual or business attire. look nice, be shaved like you having lunch with a banker. Be pleasant, grab some of those tic tacs before you go in to have pleasant breath.
Bruce: You should be able to take one person with you as an advisor. Husband and wife do not have to go into appt together.
Bruce: Exchange process from beginning to end will be an hour to 2 hours and 20 mins. Will be in stages. Identification stage, check your ID. then a period of talking about humanitarian projects.
Bruce: You want to have basic plans you want to do. The bank will come with some humanitarian projects in the future. Kent: I recommend everyone dress up and go to the mirror and practice your personal mission statement.
Kent: You want this to come natural. You want to look presentable. Have it rehearsed what you plan to do.
Bruce: We use to roll play back in the days. Get someone maybe practice this, run the pitch by to pretend, do a one minute pitch what you plan to do with a humanitarian view.
Bruce: what the bankers what to hear from you, yes you have humanitarian projects. but also want to talk about how many jobs will that create? Have you thought how many people will be employed through your humanitarian efforts.
Bruce: This is for people that have a background in these businesses. Some businesses that may need some infutition of capitol. They will want to know about this. They will care about the jobs you going to create and the jobs you will be able to save.
Bruce: We will take a cashier check from appt and take to a local bank, build up the account, and just go and like to pay off this and that. Get that great feeling of releif you dont owe for anything.
Bruce: New purchases, maybe spurlge on one or two things you always wanted. treat yourself with something very nice. Then think like travel. new home, land, real estate I have a feeling with this new group created with this, cars over 40Thousand, maybe have waiting time for new cars
Bruce: Land, parcel of land to sustain living or farming that is something prime real estate sold at a premium. So get in there and get it.

Bruce: Just about ready to rap up.
Sue: in the 100 hours, or 2 1/2 days, practice how you feel calling the 800 numbers, how you feel getting dress and going out the door. practice speaking what your passion is. coming back and let go of pressure. dont put yourself I need to do this, just breathe.
Sue: just notice where you are flowing, think about to take action not in a hyper excited way, flow with abundance.

Bruce: Even if we didnt go through 100 hours which be little over 4 days, that is a start. Dont feel you have to be in a hurry to get everything done in the first week or so. You have time to make decisions. Maybe have two or one things to do a day.
Sue: It not going to be do do do do. There be doing, but want to learn to expand yourself, feel a sense of spaciousness to feel you dont have to do certain things anymore. Take time to get use to it. Relax into the experience
Bruce: Try to enjoy it. Have fun, smile, laugh. take a deep breathe as you go in and look around.
Bruce: Call ending

Bruce: thank you for listening, look forward to talking to you on Thursday night, Have a great day tomorrow. Be highly expectant moving forward. Kent take us out.

Bruce Call ending. Playing Josef song to end call.
The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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