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Highlights of TNT conference call, 25 MAY

Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Monday, May 25, Cliff Notes are at: http://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t62170002/rays-cc-cliff-notes-friday-may-20-2016-final/
Ray:  Some of the banks are being tight lipped about what they see on the screen.  They say, 'it's attractive.'  Do they know when it will happen?  I don't think they know the actual date.  When they are told to prepare they do the necessary things.  It gives us the expectation of what is going on.  That puts to rest this stuff about a scam.  If that is the case a whole lot of folks are being fooled . . . like banks . . . 
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  IMF says by the 2nd half of 2016.  Other sources say Iraq wants this done before June 1st.  That corresponds with the timing of the loans. . . My sources tell me Iraq want to have this done by June 1.  That's what I'm working with.
IRAQ:    Expecting more arrests which is expected to make the citizens happy.  Ray:  Clearly the MC's are International at the rate of $3.71, but the currency is not showing it's International.  The Iraq intel comes in cycles.  It's been slow and now Ray say's he's seeing it freer again.
  • CBI     
  • Banks:  all of the banks have the lower denom's. 
  • Demonstrations:  citizens have been demanding an end to the corruption.
  • TV /Mosques no reports on what's being said or announced.
  • IMF    
  • Rates  MC card rate for Iraq citizens is $3.71  
  • UST:    
  • Banks:    Caller:  Just read brochure from bank in Montana that a business account, if you buy a CD, FDIC will insure up to $50 million deposit.
EXCHANGING:   ZIM Rate:   Ray:  You have to pick a number to start with.  I intend to be in the 3 digit market.  I'm going to ask for an extremely high rate and if they laugh at me, then we start negotiation. 
800#'s:  Plan on not getting them.  Have a plan in place in case we do not get 800 numbers.  (The major banks, WF, Chase, etc., have currency exchange departments.  If one of the major banks is not available to you call around your area to see which bank does do it; what their fees are; how they verify; days they will exchange and anything else you want to know to exchange.)
CURRENCY EXCHANGE:  At the bank, ". . . state the amount of currency you have.  Let them do the math."  In other words don't go in and say I have three million dinar, so I want $3 million USD.  If the rate is $5.00 you could be shorting yourself by $12 million USD.
Q & A: TNT Forum
Q. - If bank is having structured payout on the ZIM, appropriate to ask for interest from them?  Ray:  I would, especially since they are holding a whole bunch of my money.
Q. -  Is the bank going to charge me a fee for exchanging the currency? Ray:  Call and ask them.
Q. - Will the basket roll out be tied to the UN rates?    Ray:  It will be whatever that rate is and the UN will adjust at the next posting is my information.
Q. - Will the US ask for a postponement due to Memorial Day weekend?  Ray:  No one can answer that question.
Q. - Do you believe Iraq will postpone it?    Ray:  NO!
Q. - Can a trust setup another trust for a giving program.    Ray:  I would not do that.  I'm thinking you mean charitable activity.  I would set up another activity to do that.
Q. -  If debit cards are working Internationally, why have dinar dealers not changed their prices?  Ray:  Because the price of the currency has not changed.
Q. - What kind of annuity will pay immediate income. Ray:  If my memory serves me right it's an Immediate income annuity. (see usnavy response below)
Q. -Can you explain about sovereign rates?    Ray:  I cannot answer things I do not bring to TNT.
Q & A: Callers
Q. -Chit chatting about Ray's Meet and Greet and class in Miami.  If bank wants our currency so badly, why don't they get some themselves?    Ray:  Maybe banks have regulation against that. Employees have gotten some personally.  Others signed agreements not too.
Q. - Heard "pings" were pushed around the world again.    Ray:  I've not heard anything about pings.
Q. - Who gets the Q cards?  All of the citizens?    Ray:  I would imagine that all of them to receive some type of stipend similar to the Kuwaiti's.
Caller reported to Ray the call notes from Monday were not published.  Monday, May 25, Cliff Notes are at: http://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t62170002/rays-cc-cliff-notes-friday-may-20-2016-final/

Close out with the three "tion" words.  VerificaTION!   NegotiaTION!  DiversificaTION!  I do believe the clock is ticking.  We've seen improvement.  We've seen progress.
In the end no matter what you believe, what you've heard or haven't heard, all we have to do is hold on and hold out.  Sooner or later we will come to that day when all questions will be answered regarding this ride.  We will know it for what it is whether we believed it or not.  I choose to believe.  The rest is up to you.  (played "I Believe.")
Q. - I don't want the tax problem.  Gift now to my grandchildren?  Ray: I'm the last person you should ask.  I'm not into the gifting letters. Call the IRS and learn everything you want to know about the gift letter.
Q. -  I looked up on WF's web site and found a page for currency exchange.  In all of California only 20 locations.  Same for N. Carolina.    Ray:
Ray:  Say goodbye with Donna Lawrence, "Seasons"

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