Saturday, May 21, 2016


5-21-2016  Newshound Guru rcookie   Article:  "Abadi adviser reveal the terms of the IMF to lend to Iraq"  Quote:  "...financial advisor to the Prime Minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on the conditions of the International Monetary Fund for lending to Iraq nearly $ 5.5 billion..."   THIS IS PART OF THE REASON THE IMF IS REQUIRING A REVISION AND REWRITE OF THE 2016 BUDGET LAW...THEY WILL INCORPORATE THE LOAN PAYMENTS AND BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE IN THE BUDGET... THE IMF MAINTAINS CONTROL OVER INTEGRITY & OFFICE OF FINANCIAL SUPERVISION AND AML ACTIVITIES OF FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS...BIG BROTHER WATCHING...AND SAYING..."AH NO...YOU WONT BE DOING THAT WITH THIS MONEY"....

5-21-2016   Newshound Guru tlm724
  Article:  "...Called on Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Thursday, the World Bank to support the private sector in the country..."  Quote: "Iraq 's stability is important and we have a new strategy to increase cooperation with Iraq and support and soft loans of the private sector..."   remember one of the requirements set by the IMF was private sector development...so between now and the end of July, if not sooner we should see a huge shift in how the economy functions, we might even see it running like a well oiled machine AND when we do we should see the stability needed to push the currency reform forward IMO.  Basically they agreed to loan Iraq the money BUT not until August, giving Iraq June and July to set the economic policy straight.  so we have the IMF overseeing the economic state of affairs and the World Bank overseeing development, ya gotta love a plan when it comes together!  ...and Iraq NEEDS this money, have no doubt, which is a huge kick in the azz to get them moving.

5-21-2016   Newshound Guru wmawhite   ...this talk about keeping us in the dark is seriously...stupid! First, they could not care any less about us and whether we know...second, we know because they have been telling the world that they are going to add value to the currency.  The IMF did state that Iraq "will" enter the economy market during the first half of 2016.  If "this" ...is entering the economy market then ...it is happening...it has been happening...plus, the change in the status of the IQD will occur as an effect of entering the markets...it is a process...not an on and off switch.  We have reason to believe Iraq is nearing the end of the process...

5-21-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd   [is the dinar floating?]  Not from what I see...setting the rate for transactions can be confusing... stated rate versus fair market value...what are people willing to pay, what price.  let's say all of the currency dealers in the US ran out of Dinar...for anyone desperately wanting Dinar, they'd pay be a hefty premium for mine if I were to sell it to them...once we see dramatic moves in the dinar, the demand stateside will go bonkers and in a short time, our local supply will dry up...the rate the banks may pay (less spread) may be substantially less than your neighbor would pay.

5-21-2016   Newshound Guru Mountainman   Article quote:  "...Iraq has an agreement with the IMF will open the way to get more international support and the possibility of issuing bonds to global markets."   Let's GET REAL Here...These FUTURE BONDS...Will (NOT) be at A PROGRAM RATE...You and The IMF KNOW IT...Yup...Sure Do...IMO...The REAL VALUED IRAQ to SHOW ITSELF...

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