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5-11-2016   Newshound Guru Mountainman   ...You {CANNOT} have A WEDDING w/Out The GROOM = IRAN...therefore IRAQ being the BRIDE, Requires the GROOM to Show UP Ready for the CEREMONY...Thus the REASON for Everyone Running to IRAN on A Personal Interest Level and The NEED for {EVERYONE} to See (ALL) US BANKING Barriers Removed...This Will CLEAR the FINAL Road Blocks that will FREE UP the Other GLOBAL Countries TRADE TRANSACTIONS thru [SWIFT] w/IRAN... [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-11-2016   Intel Guru Delta
   ...the report...on the CBI website about the 4th and 5th...they talk about the RTG...the RTG is about the clearance on a check as we do here in the US...the Iraqis are working on this...what the CBI report is referring to is that for you to get a check to clear you need to get the work done on the 4th or 5th, because you will not be able to do so between the 8th and the 11th...so IMO...looks like something could be happening after the 11th...the bank is saying...this is a holiday...but that holiday was on Tuesday...this past Tuesday...so for the CBI to be telling people about these dates...maybe the auctions will stop...or something else really huge...remember when the value changes...everything has to change, they have to drop the 000’s from everywhere.

5-11-2016   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   ...although there is no running to the bank yet...we see a couple of really positive things:  1.  Daash (bad guys) control drops from 40% to 14% .  2.  Abadi declares solid completion of Cabinet.   ...remember where we were a week ago? Waiting for exactly that! So to hear that it's moved very far forward is just a great thing, and I'm hopeful for more good news in the coming days/weeks.

5-11-2016   Newshound Guru  firefly
  This is new on the IMF site but notice the dates "Economic Diversification in Oil-Exporting Arab Countries  Date: April 29, 2016"   Key words in the text are DIVERSIFICATION.  EXACTLY what the IMF has been instructing Iraq to do during previous Article IV meetings...And that is exactly what Iraq has been doing...especially in the Agriculture Field.  The musical chairs in the political arena IMO will continue up to the EVENT...Then like magic.....   Remember, Abadi himself told the people of Iraq that the 1st phase of the reforms was complete. That was 2 weeks ago I believe...  

5-11-2016   Intel Guru Bruce   ...we understand there were meetings going in various parts of the country today to finalize aspects of the rollout/blessing.   I understand that occurred...in 2-3 parts of the country...and has moved along nicely I think. We don't know exactly what the outcome of those meetings is at this point but we think they were positive and had to do with the actual release and the timing of the release of the blessing...rates are quite, quite high...We know when we talk about the rates...are quite higher than we thought years ago...everything is working our way. Countries are very rich in natural resources and that's one of the reasons rates are much higher than we thought...Now under the new system that value is reflected in the actual currency.

5-11-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie

5-11-2016   Intel Guru Delta   We do believe they will have a large demand for certain denominations...do they really trust Iraq to do this printing... you have to keep in mind that Iraq is not in charge of the Monetary Policy...they basically had signed like a power of attorney over to the IMF...a contract with the IMF...the IMF from November 2015 all the way to the end of 2016 they are going to be in charge of every single Monetary Reform and policy in Iraq...So when Iraq needs to print more money it will be under the guidance of the IMF... we believe from several very reliable sources that the BIS has given Iraq approval on the 28th of April to move forward with the Monetary Reform...with the approval of the BIS, they report back to the IMF and the IMF follows up with that nation that says you got the green light to move forward...now IMO…and I could be wrong but I believe from the time of the IMF report they have 30 days to implement their plan…it should be very interesting the days of this week coming up...to see if they are going to do something this week or into next week...Remember the middle of 2016 is the end of June and they need the money...so all indications are showing that something has to happen…   [post 2 of 2]
5-11-2016   Intel Guru Delta   I’m going to talk about the CBI report about the arrival of the Swiss equipment to print Iraqi currency…they are stating that those pieces of equipment they will be for printing of Iraqi currency…we know the LD’s are there... then why would they be receiving these machines…we feel it arrived a long time ago…many of the articles are old when we see them…especially those that have to do with the Monetary Policy…currency denominations…information from the CBI…So we believe that equipment was already at the CBI…so what is going on here...Why the machines from Switzerland…Iraq has printed it’s money...but now they have to get the plates...and they need those specific machines that were associated with those plates if they have a need to print more…like when the revaluation or the RV takes place...we believe this equipment will be for the LD’s...these machines are brand.

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