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Bruce The Big Call 5-10-2016 Transcribers - locofilipe, Artneto, zebragirl, 11 MAY

Bruce The Big Call 5-10-2016  Transcribers - locofilipe, Artneto, zebragirl
Art.  Bruce's Big Call is beginning!!!
z.  Bruce: Welcome everybody to the big call. It is Tuesday May 10th and you're listening to the Big CAll and I'm glad you're here. Welcoming everybody in dinarland and Big CAll Country.
z.  Kent: Got a full house, lots of callers coming in.
z.  Bruce: Gonna have a big call tonight, a lot of people that will come in for us. I think we're going to have a full house of all of our team tonight and looking forward to that.
Art.  Bruce will have several guests, and team members joining the call.
z.  Who will be on tonight: Kent for about the first half hour and then he has a meeting that he has to go to, so we're gonna let him cut out, and Bob...is gonna take over after Kent leaves and manage the board
z.  Pastor Steven's here...Josef who is either here or will be here...and Robert will also be in on the call. And then Sue is doing a meeting on her book as the celebrated author of "Mind Your Head"
z.  She will be online with us around 9:40-9:50 p.m. tonight.
Art.  Bruce - Kent for first half hour, Bob after Kent, Pastor Stevens, Yosef, Robert, Sue regarding her book "Mind Your Head" around 9:50
Art.  Bruce - this may be a celebration call
z.  We had thought that based on the info that we have that things are moving along quite nicely for us and that this very well could be a celebration call. We will see whether that happens or not during the call. If it does we'll be sure to celebrate whatever does happen tonight
z.  Going into a lesson...
Art.  Bruce - Kent is starting Bible lesson
Art.  Bruce teaching is about being a generous giver and not to judge or condemn those who we help.
z.  Bob is going to share
Art.  Bruce - before intel, Bob has information for us
Husky - Rayren are things still looking good?  RayRen98 - HUSKY08 - YES, VERY GOOD SO FAR!
Art.  Bruce - intel coming shortly
Art.  bruce - Yosef has something to say ...
z.  Has Robert rec'd what he needs to? Yosef: Yes, we all have
z.  Here we are on the precipice of the RV and obviously we're all kind of waiting to shoot forward into our new reality and before we do it's probably wise we go back a little and deal with the past
Art.  Going to touch on history of the RV
z.  Going to touch on history of the RV
z.  So the article is entitled GCR/RV Past Present and Future
z.  It is a fact, humanity has existed for thousands of years...also true… man has discovered, mined and stored riches of the earth
Art.  bruce - Yosef says rates are still high. He read article about history of GCR because wants us to understand WHY we are being blessed
z.  Bruce: There is a consortium of major banks involved w/exchange and redemption process and I just want to give a shout out to those like AIIB and HSBC and WF (lead bank for us in the US) and Bank of China, very helpful and still an integral part of this
z.  Also thank TD bank as well, still a force for good for this to occur. There are other banks as well that have been part and will be participating in this. Just a special note of thanks to WF as the lead bank, and their relationship with...those banks...all working together
z.  Bringing Robert in to read whatever he has been sent about the present
Art.  Bruce - Robert will read an article about the GCR/RV relating to the present
Art.  bruce - Robert - high rates will be offered to us - not public - for a short period of time. Share the blessing with others
bruce - robert - spend slowly and carefully. Do not attract attention to your new wealth
z.  For the call....Bruce answering: It's not our job or responsibility to call the timing for this bc we've heard some very good things about this coming through...you know that
Art.  bruce - Yosef - intel - no rates, no dates, but soon!
z.  We don't do rates bc again it's not our responsibility and we haven't done it for quite a long time and bc of the proximity to the blessing we don't get into that or interior of the gov't or certain aspects of that
z.  Other we talk in terms of what may have happened from an int'l point of view in terms of what we know is occurring outside of the US...something that we know or we have proof of, we can talk about that and then just mention...that's kind of of where we are
z.  We will not try to call it even though it seems like we have in the past. We do not have the 800 numbers yet although we would love to be able to have them if whoever is in charge of that wants to get those to us they can do that
z.  and certainly we would disseminate those if that is what we are to do
z.  Talking about current events in the news...one of them is what happened in the Philippines...election
z.  The Donald Trump of the Philippines and the current VP of the administration in power for a long time.
z.  Duarte...won the election and we found out through our sources that had a significant impact on what was going on in the US
z.  Bruce: We didn't realize that variable/component was related and found it to be fascinating
z.  Two aspects: One was the hx of gold in the Philippines as related to the US...it did affect our gold supply here supposedly in the US
z.  Also it allowed for signatures to take place inside of the WHouse and even a party to be thrown re the victory in the Philippines
z.  Those two things were necessary in order for us to get our blessing
z.  Bruce: That was a huge part of what we were all waiting for. Tell us Yosef about the asset itself, the gold itself and how that is now in a position to back the currency and back what we are looking for
z.  Yosef: If all 210 sovereign nations have agreed...our nation is one of the...our gov't would have to have gold in order to issue a new currency. Talking TRN and USN
z.  Talking about gold-backing of money
z.  Gold has to be under your ownership and control. AFter the Philippino election there was gold put into vaults.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - gold is now in a position to back the currency. Gold must be physically under the control of the country claiming to be gold backed. So, we now have enough gold to back our claims under basil 3 requirements
z.  Talking about Basel III requirements. That was a big deal as it turned out. Never really thought what they did in the Philippines would affect us so much
z.  Bruce: We know the TRN has been out for over a year now digitally in the system and has been traded internationally
z.  USN is still something to come, but we believe it's in the wings
z.  We believe it's printed...so we believe they've gotten well far ahead of it but just waiting for the go ahead from the administration
Art.  bruce/yosef - believe that USN has been printed a year ago, just wanting on authorization to distribute
z.  It's fascinating that the past is affecting the present and the future (re the Philippines) with gold that was deposited there in the 50s
z.  Shows how small the world is now, even back in the 40s and 50s. We're all connected. Talking about what the US did in the past to other nations
z.  It's not just we're getting new money and everything's great. We're part of a global village of nations and we need to do what's best for everybody's best interests, including our own, but have to be more of a (inaudible)
z.  Bruce: In terms of other info we might be able to disclose, we understand there were meetings going in various parts of the country today to finalize aspects of the rollout/blessing. I understand that occurred today in 2-3 parts of the country
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - meetings in our country today to finalize procedure of roll out
z.  and has moved along nicely I think. We don't know exactly what the outcome of those meetings is at this point but we think they were positive and had to do with the ctual release and the timing of the release of the blessing
Art.  bruce/Yosef - rates are quite, quite high
z.  We know when we talk about the rates...are quite higher than we thought years ago...everything is working our way. The fact that this seems to have been delayed...part of a larger process...even the component of the Philippine elections is part of what we're waiting for
z.  We basically had to wait for it.  Talking more history of Philippines
Art.  bruce - seems to have been delayed, but part of a larger process, so may have to wait for certain events to take place - like the Philippine elections
z. And history of US and currency again
z.  It's fascinating if you really study how money originated was created, where gold is, house it's housed in the world, mined, etc. Zimbabwe is a wonderful example of that
z.  Countries are very rich in natural resources and that's one of the reasons rates are much higher than we thought
z.  Bruce: Now under the new system that value is reflected in the actual currency.
z.  Let's call it a leveling of the playing field internationally. We're gonna see quite a bit of change in terms of which countries may have come from being what we would call substandard or third or fourth world
z.  their economies will elevate substantially with this new wealth.
z.  Bob: Some countries thought to be kings of the mountain will come back down to earth. US, Great Britain, Switzerland....seeing a leveling
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - countries like Zimbabwe and Iraq have assets that are in the ground. Under the new system, the wealth of these countries will be reflected through their currency
l.  bruce; taling of values and the debt being paid off witht the value of the natural resources
l.  brucs; at some point the new system has audited the entire world.... tangible assets....
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - Under the new system, the debt through the fiat currency - derivative - will be taken care of through true audit of each countries assets. The audit has taken place on every country in the world. Current assets, future assets, technologies, and tangible assets. Then every country will be given an audited value. That’s what basil 3 and 4 is about
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - if the country meets a certain level, they are able to participate in the new system
l.  bruce; many countries have already met the criteria.... and that is why they went ahead of us..
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - USA is eligible for basil 3 and 4 because we met the criteria. The Philippine election and gold count allowed us to meet some of the requirements
l.  bruce; and we are coming in, and will have the same op that others have had
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - World is evolving and most of America is concerned with the Kardashians!
l.  bruce; our news has been reporting nonsense... and the world has been shifting a whole new reality worldwide
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - for those of us who hold currency, we will be given a redemption rate with a patriotic and a prophetic duty to help others
l.  bruce; I am grateful for the time you have been able to spend with us tonight. very happy with the group we have tonight.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - ending call
Art.  Bruce - Pastor Stevens is praying out the call

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