Tuesday, May 24, 2016


5-24-16 WHAT TIME IS IT: Well it is exactly 14:21 pm est down here in Puerto Rico and I must say that I am like most of you are quite disappointed with this Admiral fellow in Reno.

Close but no cigars to say the least. I honestly don't know what the h*** this guy is waiting for to get our current situation moving. Now I wonder or am put to think if this guy exist or if he doesn't, if he has any power or if he doesn't. 

You wonder why hasn't he come forward to let you guys know if we are near or not. I know I am real and I volunteer to get the job done in an instant if given the chance. 

I just wish that these cloak and dagger crap would just stop and these individuals would just come forward and do what has been expected of them. 

And the Chinese well if you really want to disperse this God sent wealth to help humanity well use your damn power and get this thing moving . 

And if there is a real change in government already established as a couple of these martyrs have expressed, so why in the h*** are we seeing the same people still delaying this BLESSING OF GOD. 

Now let me be strait and to the point, I don't give a crap if there is a general or an admiral behind this,I just will give you this message from my commander in chief and His name is JEHOVA GOD OF ARMIES and He is giving this last order " GET IT DONE NOW OR ELSE "(YOU FILL THE BLANKS) 

You know I honestly feel sorry for these guys if they don't get this thing done now,for swimming against the tide and not following what God has instructed you,will only get you in some seriously down straights. Na'maste Bluwolf

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