Thursday, May 12, 2016


There are in the United States 28 million dinarians and in one of the territories 1,900,000 dinarians which = 29,900,000 Americans.

That being so I just got a call from a person that states that a certain fellow in the SOUTHWEST  has stated that once he passes the groups that he represents that no one else will be able to exchange.

​Well please teach or instruct me on how all of a sudden you my friend has been redeem as the almighty king and that let's say your 2 million or less groups will be the ones to  only have the privilege to get exchanged or redeemed . 

No need to contact me to explain this situation, inform us all through one of our dinar medias,for it is the people that you represent who are giving us your divine and kingnish message. 

My friend according to our original plan ,a plan built by Studley and many of us,one thing I can say is that watch out for how all the 29,900,000 of us will be stampeding on your kingnish parade.

We will have our 800#, we will exchange according to the original plan and you will apologize and respect all 29,900,000 of us.

Cause you ain't a entity that has any power what so ever,how dare you make these types of statements.

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