Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Bluwolf Wednesday Update - LISTEN UP, THIS IS FOR YOUR EARS ONLY 

1- This is a 198 countries + 6  satellite countries event. 

2- There is only a one rv basket with only 20 countries to revaluate,the rest will either devaluate or make minor adjustments to there current currency values.  

3-all will move sistimaticly and are synchronize to go into existence simultaneously are we clear. SORRY, NO, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY DOUBLE DIPPING WHAT SO EVER. ' NOW IS THIS ALSO CLEAR.' 

4- When the time comes you will only receive a 800# ,just one according to the original plan, is that also clear. Any other numbers from any other banks are clearly not part of the plan. 

5- The highest rates will be honored at that one bank chosen and in the original plan.

6- Please be advice that any bank who still insist on informing all customers on the subject of the dinar, dong or zim BEING A SCAM, that they can legally be sued after this ordeal actually comes into existence.

​7- Every country successfully signed off on the golden standard all 204. 

8- All prosperity packages, Saint Germain Trust and our now pending revaluation of 20 should be achieved promptly without any other delay whatsoever.

9- ONCE the revaluation is official those rates will be maintained for a time lapse of no less then 30 days.

10- I am being sent so many emails of gurus, doctors, narrators, spokesmen, patriots and of course the new trend of martyrs. Did you not know that they tried to kill me for a 2nd time just a few months back (I wonder what that makes me, humm). And even though I do respect everyone's  opinion, I must insist that you would refrain from the HYPE and please inform the people the truth the real truth as do I.

11- My last thought and please hold it dearly for I have said it thousands of times.  "this shall come to pass as a thief in the SILENCE of the night." And not before!  

​Na'maste Bluwolf

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