Friday, May 13, 2016

Bluwolf Thursday Night Update, 13 MAY

Bluwolf Thursday Night Update

5-12-16 17:00 UPDATE; OK after verifying and over looking the situation that I exposed this morning, we now have various sources stating that that situation has been dealt with and those personal comments were neutralized and that the exchange will be for all
29,9000,000 dinarians and not one specific group.

I honestly don't know how to reach some of you with was supposed to be the real issue at hand.

You are all blabbing about the dinar holder numbers and missing the actual concerning point,..Please do not play ignorant and be concerned with what transpired and with what was done so that all of you can exchange.

 do not have to explain how many millions of people are actually out there,if you want to find out do as I have always done DO YOUR RESEARCH, have a excellent night you all.

Look you guys you have 325 million people in 50 states and you mean to tell that your blabbing about 29 million or so not being able to have dinars in there holding,

I guess it must be the fluoride in the water. 


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