Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bluwolf Saturday Post - "WHEN PATIENCE IS NO LONGER" , 7 MAY

Bluwolf Saturday Post - "WHEN PATIENCE IS NO LONGER"  
This message is to all that is willing to hear. I do not know what  is transpiring behind Renos doors, but I am going to tell what resonates behind my doors. 

Behind my doors are millions of individuals with dreams and hopes for the future, people that care for America and its people. People who want to get America and the world back on its feet. Common folks like I with real feelings and values, values that no politician can ever have.  

People with love of God who have been ready and waiting for that great chance to do good by Jehová  and His people. Yes people who just want a chance to serve, with the only gratification in seeing a smile on someone's face, people who would give top dollar just to hear a mere thank you. 

Now with set where are those individuals who can liberate these funds so the army of God can go forward to start all the missions that are God inspired. I for one want to talk face to face with  this person and inform him that enough is enough, that we have to cut the shenanigans and just do this, I want to tell this person that with all the hype being executed that he or she is being looked at as a foolish clown (not my thoughts ) that can't seem to achieve a thing for the common good, a mockery, a laughing stock and a puppet.

While God Jehová says it's to be executed NOW,just what part of that word does this person not understand. God Jehová is perfect and His timing is just that perfect and when He gives and order who the heck do we think we are to stall and hesitate and say no to what needs to happen.

I for one can say that I thought that this person can see our reality and our Godly mission,apparently I was wrong.

I just want to say one last thought, " mister or misses, God Jehová gave you instructions and He gave a order, obey and be brief, for if not you will see His wrath zooming in on you.

Both I and the rest of the dinar community deserve to be respected and not to be fooled by whomever you may be or whatever you think you are.

​Na'maste Bluwolf

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