Sunday, April 3, 2016



Sequoia:  The button has already been pushed when the trust funds were released. This will roll out differently than we expected

We know now from various sources peeps have spendable funds. The fat lady is singing
We are to go soon. It's rolling out in a way we didn't expect

Herb:  Seqouoia what is it we did not expect?

Sequoia:  Herb, we were programmed to think a button would be pushed and poof. Not so.

Sequoia:  There was a group that exchanged their IQD and VND last September for SKR's. They are now being liquidated with actual $$ in accounts



Robert001 : Dallred.. A question and an answer if you know it.. Why is it at night that you expect it??? And whose night,, ours or theirs. Why is night important????

Dallred123 : Robert001 so it will be ready in the morning I have always been told it will go at night here in the USA

Covenantbridge :  Dallred, are your contacts Bank personnel or other type of govt people?

Dallred123 : Banking consultant in the software end

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