Saturday, April 30, 2016



BobiT: I talked with my WM yesterday from WF.... He does not give me secrets or RV intel as doing so would be a breach of conduct and would cost him his job... Not Good! What he does share is this Currency's are working to move in the right direction.

This week’s markets are indicators... metals up,  dow down and our dollar dropping are good indicators thing working in our direction

Payday:  Bob does your WM know about the RV

BobiT: Yes we went to lunch last year and discussed the RV and the where whats ,hows …yes finally in the window…. just keeping it real for the ones that want to know

Payday:  Bob one more question.... is it true about these rates being high???

BiT: the only indicator he has ever given me is i'll be surprised

Payday:  Wow!!!! thats good to hear... does he think or know is 800's are true or false and contract rates

BobiT: none of that…. 800's yes

Payday:  ok but no contract rates???
BobiT:  just markets and international

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