Friday, April 29, 2016



Snickers:  Anything of note coming from Nancy's call tonight?

Calgoldy2:  snickers...Dizzy does not think there are going to be structured payouts.....a straight exchange....fiat to gold

"Everything is set" ......just coordination of roll out. no worries

What is happening in Iraq with Jack Lew and all...has nothing to do with the timing of the RV

He does not feel that there will be an NDA....that had to do more with the Big Guys who got contract rates and that was illegal banking setup...and they signed an NDA so no one would know

Other banks will be exchanging the ZIM....not just Wells Fargo....and we should be pleased with the rates on the currencies. So not locked into just Wells

Dizzy feels still from now until around May 3rd or 4th...or thereabouts....give or take...the furthest it could go would be the 15th...but does not feel that is needed

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