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Notes by R601a - Hope most of the content has been included.
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WSOMN Call - Today     Notes by me
DizzyBear  Background

Briefed into GCR back in 1991 - did not believe it initially - briefed direct by initial architects plus overseas contacts.

It is a GENUINE move from FIAT to asset-backed
I have personally seen the workings of the Historic Bonds.

Military training in finances in warfare and national security
I'm telling you that what we are seeing is REAL and getting closer by the day.

The USA has printed new currency ready for the release - I have seen it.

Have had significant experience in the finance of war - am aware that bankers create wars and fund both sides - it's about time people realised this.

They Use emotions and patriotism to create the need to kill.

Paper currency is not wealth - wealth can only be physical assets.

FIAT paper currency is entirely fraudulent - just a promise to pay..
The Wizard of Oz is not a children's book - actually an analyst's discussion of the FIAT monetary system.   Link to info on "The Wizard of Oz"

Was intended as a warning written in simple terms so that the masses might understand.
The current global reset is intended to reverse this abortion created and maintained by the USA.
Huge events last night - China went to Gold Exchange - setting up the Yuan for asset-banking - forced USA to change their system from FIAT.
Massive impact on world financial systems.
I have seen the documents - I know the people involved.
The next step is the Yuan will go gold-backed - this will have an IMMEDIATE IMPACT.
Will look bad but is essential for the recovery of world finances and world social conditions.
Shortages are created to achieve control - and you have been conditioned by experts.
Debt is a creation of the FIAT system - this is about to change.
Chinese are the drivers - the Chines declaration could happen tonight - and this will trigger the RV.
The Americans have agreed to comply and then re-nigged on multiple occasions - the Chinese are fed up with America.
You have been taught to hate the Chines - that is a manipulation and a fraud.
How do we stop the banks holding our ZIM currency for a period?
That is not true. CBs created paper currencies and then leveraged them against the assets of the countries using their currency - used as a way to strip their assets. Converted paper nothingness into real assets.
RV announced in Hong Kong last week - is that correct?
No. You will know without doubt when the RV occurs.
China gold release - how much longer to announcement for Yuan going gold?
Price in gold in Yuan - gold price in Yuan is higher than USD - people dumped USD overnight.
Massive sell-off last night.
Last night they eased into the gold standard - a careful test run - no collapse of markets - give then another few days to announce the Yuan going gold-backed - should be totally over by the end of this month. Chinese do NOT want to collapse the global markets! Want a smooth landing for the new system.
Every piece of intel I get I weigh against what DB information supplied. This guy KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT!
This event could happen AT ANY TIME.
Will we release debt once we're gold backed?
Debt and derivatives are 2 different things. Lot's of bull**** out there. When you create a derivative it is a second contract against a real asset. Promissory note (mortgage) against a real asset. Derivatives - take out an options contract on the mortgage for default - can resell his option on mortgage - others can take out derivative (option) on non-failure ... and so on. Can have multiple levels of derivatives on a single contract or mortgage ... can create even more derivatives on top of those - not real money - all based on debt.
Total derivatives now amount to over $25.4 Quadtrillion - many times the total REAL money in the world. All FIAT - no REAL money involved.
The currencies we hold will be revalued against REAL ASSETS - will help wipe all derivative debt by changing the basis of the way we can consider money.
In America there are NOT TWO parties - both are under the direct control of the bankers and the FIAT monitory system we have been conditioned to accept.
When the RV occurs the debt we see now will vanish because it has NEVER BEEN REAL - and as soon as our currencies RV we be back to handling REALITY in the simple fact that our money will be real!
Taxes will go down, money will be SOLID and really worth something.
ZIM is now centre stage - is it a Bond and will it be taxed?
Lots of crap re the ZIM.
It will be an exchange - ONLY - will not need humanitarian info.
How can they tax the exchange??
Banks will want to keep as much as your money as possible for their benefit - to boost Basal 111 compliance.
I do not believe there will be a structured payout with the ZIM.
I believe there will be no taxes - could be small capital gains tax at State level (USA).
But how close do you think we are?
Have been involved since 1998 - listen to DB - he knows what he's talking about.
Will there be special rates for these currencies?
IMO there will be no special rates for these currencies - could be contract rates.
The numbers should be good anyway because of the devaluation of the USD.
Parity with the value of gold - across the board - 1:1 with gold.
You will not come up with a disappointment - even if it's 1:1 with the dollar - but the dinar could have 6 times the purchasing power than the USD.
When we go to the bank we will have a financial advantage more than we have before?
Yes you will.
Banks will be solid and constrained and regulated heavily in the future - and will be MUCH more solid.
Be more comfortable with working with the banks - they will be a different animal.
DB has to go - Let's hope we don't have to have another call with DB - and this will be over before very long.
Watch "The Man Who Built America" - on the History Channel.
No high-value payouts on the ZIM?
DB and I disagree with DB - but not everyone will get these.
Chinese want to empower responsible people with strong community aims to partner in a reconstruction of our economy.
I am under a constraint and I cannot discuss this further.
The Afghani ?
I know nothing about it.
Under the control of the Chinese - could be a range of values.
Should we be doing anything prior to the RV to protect our money in the banks?
I cannot give financial advice - but I'd suggest the prep you make should be on you and the planning for your future.
Once this happens you will become important - so what you say, do and speak will be the problem, not the banks.
WF is 100% ready to help you get started. So have faith in them and the help they will provide - their goal is to keep you as a happy customer - FOR AN EXTENDED TIME!
Banks will provide skeleton trusts that will give you 6 month's grace to set up your own. Make sure you are the SOLE OWNER of the trust - BOTH Compliance Officer and Trustee.
If you have ZIM you will be at the front of the line. Period!
Information I have been getting is all very good and positive. Will do a colour change on the board as soon as it becomes confirmed.
Yesterday the Chinese said when we go gold-backed we will value an ounce of gold at 1283.00 Yuan an oz. So all countries have now a base to which to re-value their currencies !!!
All central banks have USD as their holdings - so will sell their USD to adjust their balances - so will flood the markets with USD. This happened yesterday!
The news right now is extremely positive - the world appears to be co-operating well with the designed process.
Direct top source of top bank - screens this morning - everything is on screens but RATES ARE LOCKED OUT!
IMO we will all be happy with the rates.
Introduced via Historic Bonds - so many layers to what we are experiencing - profoundly complex.
The Bonds are REAL - I have the evidence. Are the currency RVs real?
As real as you are.
Without them the world will collapse.
The civil war in the USA - not about slaves but about the banks trying to gain control of the US economy.
The Chines have been trying to reduce that control ever since.
America has screwed China at every turn - and the Chinese are still supporting us - we are important to them - if America fails it will seriously damage China.
Banks may close for one-two weeks - real?
Pure bull****. Unless the USA crashes and burns the market - if that happens the that could be a possibility. But VERY unlikely.
Can we purchase Yaun / Franks etc post RV.
Yes. We assume we could hold it in an account at the bank as a FCA.
If there is a parity of value than we will not need to purchase foreign currencies, because there will be no difference in purchasing power between currencies.
Purchased ZIM - will WF have our details?
No. Will rely on info from 1-800 call.

Would love to see this call recorded - shame it was not.
Iko Wrap-up.
All is going well - process is profoundly complex but is right on track!!!
All about changing the world economy to a unitised whole, and the removal of FIAT monitory systems.
Has been a long process planned decades ago - now almost at completion - cannot be stopped at this point.
Final event is seriously expected anytime - by end of this month absolutely - both DB and ALL of our intel sources.
Chinese have now made the final step - USA is no longer No.1 - gold-backed Yuan will be announced any minute now - this will trigger the final RV step.
If US does not cooperate the markets and banks will crash.  Right now this is not an issue - a very unlikely event.
But all we're waiting on now is the RV .. and it's looking good. Rate are great - so don't be anxious about rates or banks - once RV is announced banks will instantly be solid.

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