Tuesday, April 26, 2016


R601a:  WSOMN CALL NOTES - 25 April
WSOMN CALL - Notes by me.  Very short call.

 Blondie   Spur-of-the-moment call - short only - lot's happening today. Sincere opinions only - do not use to base decisions.

AdminBill Where we MAY be .... all intel I've received is positive .
Release of bonds (Iraq) on Monday morning - not yet confirmed.

Exchange centers in lockdown. - confirmed

Some exchanges are taking place right now. - confirmed.

Evidence of exchanges on screens

Will fully pop between now and the 30th - very senior source - in agreement with above.
We are in a great period of expectation - on solid evidence - confidence level is mid 90s%!
Dizzy thinks it could go on until early May - but more likely by 30th April

I believe we will see it this week.

Bankers will be there to help you - but understand what they say and are offering - don't just go in blind faith.

A lot of trust stuff being discussed - ALWAYS seek professional advice re the trust that best SUITS YOU! banks will offer a skeleton trust - revocable - as an initial, safe, money garage - you are in charge - temporary trust only - until you obtain professional advice and set up your required structures.

Banks have your interest at heart - do not fear trusts or the banks.

Blondie does not believe the humanitarian projects support will be offered by the banks - believes it will be exchanges only. Humanitarian projects influencing rates is possibly BS.


Replay:  http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=83973612


Scotchie:  Let's break it down for the day. Ray says tonight or tomorrow, Wolfy says any minute, Terry/DizzyBear 3-6 days, BEP (Blackeyepea)  says it should have gone, Art said after 3 pm today

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