Thursday, April 7, 2016

WINGIT: Wed - Fisher on The Real Truth Call, 7 APRIL


Z0x0:  Wed - Fisher on The Real Truth Call

I just listened to the real truth call. Fisher comes on at 102.40 mins. about 26 mins of information.

These notes may not be perfect but I nave the major points:

 "We are in really, really great shape"    - Fisher

• currencies rved wed at 5pm - multple confirmations 
• bank tomorrow

• private notification by email to us overnight before banks open
• zim - unbelievable rates!

• exceptionally high zim rates at beginning through wf or wf affiliate bank
• all banks settle later with a lower zim rate

• e-mail sting results in massive arrests of bankers on Wednesday - evidence of double and tripple dipping (tank's email intel used) - vast network of cabal influence is neutralized

• a popular intel provider / guru can no longer talk about currencies or rates - nda confirmed

• on monday - massive teleconference to bankers and wealth managers across the country  - told of the currency revaluations - fallout - people upset and angry - employees feeling lied to and many quitting jobs

• treasury documents needed signing and overnighted tues night to iraq

• many private individuals and big names exchanged wed.

• public after 15 days - gives bankers a chance to rest

• get a good night's sleep because we may be very busy tomorrow.

The truth call:  Monday - Friday 9:00pm - 12:00 midnight (est) 605-562-3140 code: 143153#
The Replay number is: 605-562-3149 code 143153#


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