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Friday Wingit Conference Call with Gerry Maguire:

The WINGIT Call Opening Intel with Gerry Maguire & Co.

 CC Friday 4/15/16 @ 3:30 pm EDT

 Notes by FancyFree from the Wingit Room

 Featuring: Gerry Maguire, Pastor, ART, IKO

 ~ HOWDY ~Gerry:  Welcome. 

 Pastor:  God is still on the throne helping us and watching over us.  Thank you Father for your favor upon all who have anything to do with this call.  Let hope come upon every heart here today.

 ~ INTEL ~
Gerry:  I'm going to say this:  relax.  It's hard to do sometimes.  I'll tell you what I know.  Money has been moved and a lot of it -- more zeros than I've ever heard in my lifetime.  Did I see the deposit slips?  No.  The cabal has stolen so much from us by stealing from humanity.  It will be returned to us.  It is coming.  Some people have been informed by leaders from around the world that we are to be prepared because it is coming soon.

ART:  We have been waiting for a stretch for it to happen any and every day.  We still are waiting for that.  Chase and Wells Fargo have both called their people in for various supposed reasons.  Bruce was excited last night.  We don't know exactly what he heard, but anticipation is the name of it.  We do know that money has been moved. 

Gerry:  I have a letter from Yosef.  I will not read it, but I will paraphrase it.

Yosef Message from Gerry:  (paraphrased)  We are here.  It is close.  It is not about the money.  It is about how we take care of each other once we get the money.  Remember, this is digital money...meaning if you go in and ask for a rate and you have a plan, you just may get it.  Be ready for that if you do. 

Gerry:  You have to be ready, and whatever you do and ask for is between you and God.  Be ready that you may be rewarded with more responsibility.  My last call was from the heart.  Some people misinterpreted it.  It was about forgiveness and using myself as an example.  Intel today is slim, non-existent or just not wanting to give any out.  Rockstar is here.

IKO:   I got zippo.  I am waiting for the markets to close to see if that is the magic moment. 



Sweetpea:  Putting 2 and 2 together,( If)CL says all countries' currencies need to revalue today, then China is going gold-backed on the 19th, and many of our intel providers seem to be excited about this, my feeling is that it's ready to pop maybe over the weekend.

Clemsonfan:  On 4/19/2016 China forces the GCR to surface or the world is going to get very scary economically. CIPS trumps CHIPS starting on that day. Only a GCR or a war can stop it IMHO

Sweetpea:  Nothing of this magnitude is ever going to be easy……. I can't even imagine what has had to be done for this to happen all at once around the world. Would hate for that to be my charge!

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