Tuesday, April 5, 2016



Seahorse:  I had one bank story for you all...It was confirmation ,finally, that this was real.
Decided to contact a wealth management ,Wells Fargo,in Naples Florida. I spoke to the owner and told him about a PP I was in , held outside the country ,however I would be wiring some money into their bank soon.

The owner asked if he could call me back for a 3 way call because he would like his attorney to hear as well. The attorney listen to me and said well all I can say is if you have IQD you are a very wealthy woman.

He tried to get the name of my PP and I said no I have an NDA ,you know better being an attorney. And he said, Yes. He wanted to make an appointment with me to discuss investment opportunities,

Anyways he said he would be calling me the next day to schedule. I didnt hear from him so I called him.His tone had completely changed. He said he would not be able to help me at this time. I was confused so I CALLED HIM BACK.

I said you were excited yesterday what happened. He said he had called corporate and they must have scolded him. I t appears what has been being said about all these early exchanges is true. This was only for Elite customers...I said what does that mean? He said clients with over 3 million in the bank....

It was nice to get that confirmation from him and backs up about all the early exchanges with the SKR'S. Makes me feel good that I haven't wasted 5 years of this.

Blessed2bless:  Regarding early exchanges...remember what Yosef said about those. The numbers are being called out to 'fill up the plane'...starting from the back and moving forward to First Class. We are last. 'The meek shall inherit the Earth.'

Seahorse:  One other story...It was strange. Decided to call a Private wealth management company out of Sxxxxxx ,Fl. It was a holiday and all the banks were closed.

A man answered and I pretended like I was directed to call there….I said I had friends who had done early exchanges for currency like the IQD...He said he had gotten a memo the week before that they, Wells Fargo would be exchanging dinar....

Seahorse:  Also this is very exciting and supports the idea of debt forgiveness f​ollowing the GCR http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/02/26/ontario-basic-income_n_9328264​.html

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