Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TNT:Fisher on The Real Truth Call - April 12 by z0x0, 13 APRIL


Fisher on TRTC:

·         Has seven phones on his ear as well as internet.
·         Chinese Elders not as powerful as they thought they were, arrests continue, politicians get in the way, bankers hold things up, panama papers stirred things up a bit...

·         Iraq is done - they have made the announcement in Iraq.
·         Right now on Euroclear - all currencies are trading.
·         Euroclear is banking and securities clearing firm using the cips system to preclude any hanky-panky.

·         Euroclear is telling european investors they're probably getting into these currencies on thursday or friday - means it's gotta happen before they get in.
·         Shabibi has taken his seat on the CBI

·         Iraq has done what it needed to do for this to go "in-country".

·         IR rate 3.22 in Iraq.
·         Tomorrow the G-20 meets in DC.
·         A week ago all wealth managers had a video conference - told the truth about currencies and RV.
·         All the problems in this process are the result of tying the RV and the GCR - too many countries, too big a process.
·         Bearer checks for ZIM may be good - take them to the bank.
·         Better rates at redemption centers than at banks.
·         Open a new account - only the wealth manager or private banker can access - not tellers.

·         Be careful who you listen to.
·         Meeting Monday at white house with Obama, Biden, and Yellin also had several members of Chinese Dragon families present - orchestrating transfer from fiat and the fed to gold and asset backed              system.

·         Bail-in's for US were taken out of the Dodd-Frank act.  This administration would love bail-in's but it was taken away from them.
·         The reason there are private exchanges going on now is to keep banking people fresh - they have had all this training and they need to refresh skills to stay competent.
·         Iranian Real to RI in first basket, RV less than a month later in the second basket.
    All done by the end of the working day on Xxxxxx.

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