Friday, April 22, 2016

TNT:Bruce call-- #9 through #25 points... sorry. didn't get the first ones, 22 APRIL

    • locofelipe said
      07:03 PM Apr 21, 2016
    9- zim is being exchanged at wf  only at high rates.
    10- friday morning is the date that the fiat changes to gold backed standard
    11- yuan reserve currency will be gold backed as of 8;30 tonight
    12- 4-22-16 is to b complete —global, private, and public should begin
    13-gcr- to be completed after 8p/m eastern time and 8 a/m china time
    14- structured payouts will be used for high payouts on ALL currencies
    15- 24 months- 48 months- 5 years, 10 years etc. dinar dong zim
    16- zim redeemers will be asked about humanitarian projects….
    17-security is highest level possible…. will not comment any further
    18-call centers, redemption centers are fully staffed —2 -12 hour shifts. 
    19-new chineese gold standard is going to use a new unit of measure for price of gold as the set for their currency value
    not sure how it will compare to the troy ounce measurement…..
    20-all required to announcements have been made…. these were required before the 800’s released.  all have been made
    21-chinnese elders are intending to release  codes for total release tonight or in the morning
    22- highest rates for specific currencies, for six days only… at wf only
    23-every zip code has two redemption options…. some will have more. depending on populations
    24-the full moon reaches its full power at 1:20 a/m eastern tonight… China likes to tune in to energy cycles like these.
    25-don’t know if this is significant… but, standard charter bank was in charge of oversite of that revalue during the Kuwait revalue - and they gave loans to Kuwait just before it revalued…. in the same concept Iraq just received  (this week) loans by the IMF, WB, and US and meetings with charter bank took place this week with Iraq as well.

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