Friday, April 22, 2016

TNT:Bank story from Globug April 21st 2016 posted 8.45 pm est Post Reply, 22 APRIL

    • GJHHonor said
      05:46 PM Apr 21, 2016
    Globug wrote
    25s ago
    Ok everyone! I have news from my Reverend friend's 
    roommate. He went to 3 banks today, none of 
    whom denied this!
    Globug wrote
    moments ago
    He has an account at Chase. They told him they would 
    be exchanging except for Zim as the exchanges 
    would be too big.
    Globug wrote
    moments ago
    He went to a local tier two bank and they told him they 
    would be happy to exchange but he would need.to.open 
    a foreign currency account in order to exchange there.
    Globug wrote
    moments ago
    The third bank he went to was WF and they said, " 
    Oh, you're part of the internet group, aren't you? 
    We'll be seeing you very soon!!!
    Globug wrote
    moments ago
    I hope someone catches this and posts it in Intel. 
    BTW all three were in Orem, Utah. I have other 
    people I have to call. See.y'all 18r!

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