Friday, April 8, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Ray:  No new info.  Nothing new and exciting.  Banks saying the same thing they were saying yesterday and before that till Monday:  "They are ready."  Say they are waiting on the lead bank and the lead bank is waiting for something.

Ray then addressed his remarks to the bankers outlining out how different this transaction will be for most people in this opportunity; how it will tie up their people and resources with our needs and that post RV information from them is needed here in Dinarland to make the process smother for everyone concerned.  So that it's not a frantic scenario but happens in a cool, calm and collected fashion.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Banks on "pins and needles" waiting to see you - possibly tomorrow.

IRAQ:    Ray is still convinced this will not be seen publicly in the US until it's public in Iraq.  He does not have information exactly what is taking place over there today but a "Historic" protest was planned for today.  Ray:  I believe, based on what I see and where we are right now, we are waiting on the public release in Iraq.
  • Announcements:   Expectations of announcements that were to happen over there.  Possible announcement of Dr. Shabbibi's return to CBI or Rays feels it could be related to "something else."   The something we have been waiting for. 
  • Banks 
  • Demonstrations:  "Historic" protest was planned for today. Millions of people.  People were to receive compensation (money) for demonstrating.  Sadr is saying he will go back into the Green Zone if necessary.
  • TV   / Mosques 
  • Canada is in the same boat as US bank wise.  800 #'s may pop out this weekend.   
  • Rates:  Iranian Rial is expected to be in the first basket.    
  • UST:    
  • Banks:    Say they are ready and waiting on lead bank.  Banks are staffed up, at their currency locations, should the need arise today.  Rates are banks are being seen all across the USA.  No particular locations they are being seen in.
  • Packages:     
  • Taxes:  No new information.     
RV NOTIFICATION:  Ray:    Subscribe to the Tweets.  One will say "RV is here."  Text to 40404.  Text the message:  follow @THE_TNT_TEAM

Q & A: 

Q. -  Can we exchange a (single) Dong or Rupiah note?   Ray:  Sure, you can.
Q. - Would you buy a car through an LLC?   Ray:  I would not buy a car through an LLC.  I would through a trust.  An LLC is a permission based tool.  A non-statutory trust is not a permission based tool.  Someone else may give you information that allows you to do that.  The main focus of a trust is you (personally) not owning items.
Q. -  Are people still exchanging?   Ray:  Last I heard, "Yes."
Q. -  Why are some of us subject to waiting and others are not? Ray:  Who do you mean by "others."  Caller: Those exchanging.  Ray:  Those others waited.  They have just gone a little ahead of us.  We are spectators on the side trying to be a part of it.  Caller:  I'm part of the public, part of the community and I have as much worth as anyone on the planet.  145 people a day of the Dinar community are dieing daily waiting for this to happen.  Something wrong with playing with the public.  Ray:  They are not playing with the public but if you believe that, it's as far as we are going to go.

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