Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  

Ray:  Update on Poppy3:  Had a stroke yesterday afternoon.  He is in the hospital and has bounced back.  Please keep him in your prayers.  
I'm not going to be before you long.  Just going to deliver a short message.  Not that much has changed since Monday.  . . .Remember the children's book, "Curious George."  And the man with the yellow hat set about teaching George the information he needed.  So curiosity prevails right now across the pond with some things we have heard and not heard.  I feel like Curious George at this state, looking for the man with the yellow hat to answer some questions.  

Not having received timely information this morning, we thought there was a black out yesterday that prevented information from flowing.  Not enough to satisfy our curiosity where the country is?   Where are we with the Gazette?   Was the information listed in it today?

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:   Banks looking forward to today and still excited according to some sources.  Others say, 'we don't know what is going on.'    Look at Iraq, your holding their hard money, their currency.  You could go over to their country right now and shop with it.  It is their money.  All we are waiting for is the value of that money to change.  
IRAQ:    Budget wrapped up.  Maliki supporters were balking at voting for the Cabinet selections.  Ray:  (new cabinet positions) I don't think are an issue now (as far as holding up the RV).
  • Prices dropped in Iraq:  Ray has reports from Iraq citizens that it is so.  No new information about the rates on the IQ cards. 
  • Back pay:  Ray says he's heard it is all caught up and nobody is owed any money.
  • Canada 800#'s:  Ray said the numbers are not ready yet but the process there is once you call in they will request your name, address, currency to exchange and bank you want to exchange with or bank you currently have an account with.  You will get a choice of two appointment times.  When Ray learns more he will share it. 
  • Rates    
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  Ray:  Still on "pins and needles" waiting today.   Been training going on 2 years for you guys. 
  • Admirals64 Group:     Ray has not heard if Admirals Group went in yesterday
  • Impact Investments:  Ray:  Haven’t looked at that.  Not very well versed in it.
  • Investments:  Ray:  Foreign currency.  LOL!  I don't know anything that beats the currency we hold.  If your holding the strong ones you can't lose.  Look at Iraq, your holding their hard money, their currency.  You could go over to their country right now and shop with it.  It is their money.  All we are waiting for is the value of that money to change.  We don't want leaps and bounds, just looking for it to go back to where it was.
  • POST RV Investments:  Ray:  Once we RV these countries are going to be on parity with each other.  Would not be to your advantage to go buy a bunch of Chinese Yuan, etc.  I'd invest in other currencies that have not turned yet.  I intend to have a professional who will put things in front of me.  I intend to play with the currency market, municipal bonds.  I'll rely on the professional people who are already getting paid by me to give me that kind of information.  (He might have said annuities too.  He was talking a little fast for me in this after the recorded call information so I cannot check it against any other notes)
EXCHANGING:   CALL the banks in your area to see if they do "Foreign Currency Exchange" at that location.  Do not ask about dinar exchange.  2nd question is to ask if they authenticate on the spot at that location or do they have to send it off.
Q & A: 
Q. - Will this show on the FOREX right away?     Ray:  I don't think so.
Q. -  Will transferring from bank pre canned Trust into another Trust be a taxable event.   Ray:  That's possible.  Hopefully there are ways you can do that.  I don't know how pre canned trust is set up but I would think there would be room for you to maneuver around that.  Look at the perimeters going into the bank trust.
Q. -  Set three appointments at one call?   Ray:  I have no idea.  They maybe accommodating to that.
Q. -  Will ISIS being able to exchange trillions stop the RV?   Ray:  No and I don't think ISIS exchanging will any longer be a concern.
Q. - Seems like when we get so close, something else comes up we have to wait for.   How long can this go on?  I believe we are being drug thru the mud. Whales have been exchanging and still exchanging.  Ray:  I don't know how long it can go on, but this is a perfect example of life itself.  Others get to do things others can't and others don't even know it's taking place.  We're fortunate to be able to watch the game and when the game is over congratulate those playing on the field.  We don't control anything. . . have a voice only if we are being wronged to some degree. . . there are those who will go in front of others . . . we will get our natural turn.  It just has to take it's course.  Our problem is we didn't know what our natural course was . . . didn't know exactly how it would be.
Q. - What rate does the bank get when we exchange?  Ray:  If I knew that, we would be able to maximize this whole thing.  I do not have that answer.


RAY:  Information has not been that much for today.  Banks looking forward to today and still excited according to some sources.  Others say, "we don't know what is going on."  Still some unfinished things in Iraq.  I'm going to look at tomorrow to see if we can get some kind of a gauge going into the weekend.
If something happens I'll let you know.  I'm going to seek and see if I can find George and the man with the yellow hat to see what is going on.  In the meantime, I still believe. (played "I Believe").
After the music:
RAY:  I do want to say thank you to both mods, transcribers, the guests mods, all those who have had anything to do with helping keep this thing going so you guys could get the information.  Do a shout out to them if they are still on the call listening.  Going to hang around for a second to give some of our members a chance if they want to say something.
Q.  Common law trust vs family trust? Statutory Trust? Ray:  Your not stuck with a statutory trust if that is not what you want.  Some folks refer to non-statutory as common law.  Basically the statutory entity are all permission based tools.  Means your asking some state for permission to have that tool. When you don't want their permission you use common law or the Constitiutional because your going outside of the state.  Your not seeking permission from the state . . . Some of us choose to do that.  Using common law, contract law and equity law on how we do things and not statutory law.

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