Friday, April 15, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  SHORT CALL TODAY - 9 minutes!

Ray:  My team focuses on getting us information (RV).  The general news represents itself.  I know you guys get that anyway.
US Banks:  I like following along with the banks expectations.  They get information that makes them be on the look out. I don’t think they can pinpoint the date any better than the rest of us.  They do get information to be on the lookout, which is good, but cannot pinpoint the date any better than the rest of us.  They are expecting something .  . they get ready . . . and I like that state of preparedness, but I don’t think they can actually call it. 

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray: Currency circulation has stopped for the purpose of changing the value.  All we can do is sit back and wait and be paitent and know it is coming.
IRAQ:   Ray: There is good information I've been fortunate to learn.  It doesn't make the RV happen any sooner.  (Information ) has to do with the governance of the Iraq, and that may or may not have any impact on the day the RV will take place.  Some of that is better not shared, at least on my end.   There are questions about the CBI governor appointment and announcements.  
  • Parliament vote postponed to this Saturday, April 16th.  (tonight here in the USA)        
  • Banks:  Currency exchanges in Iraq have been halted.  Ray:  . . . for the stated purpose of changing the rate.   We still don't know when.  (on a previous call last week, Ray reported the exchangers in Iraq were told to stop exchanging the dinar.)           
  • Bonds supposed to go live today.  No information about that was available at the time of this call.  Ray: If something exciting comes from that I will send out a Tweet.
  • Canada:  No new information was given on the 800 number's.   Ray:  They are waiting right along with us.
  • Rates    
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  WF and Chase connections in the last week gave Ray specific exchange times when they thought it would happen.    Ray:  Too many times we’ve had banking people say “we’ll do this in the morning,” and they truly believe it, but have been mis-informed.  I'd like for us to be ready when they say, "Roll" but I firmly don't believe they can call it.  It will happen when it happens.   Try to give you as much advance information as we can.  


That’s the best logical information that I can share with you right now.  That is the best I have at this moment. We are waiting.  We don’t know what the holdup is. I saw the Q & A and a lot of you are asking questions.  Some of your questions I cannot answer, and don't know if we can get the answers to those questions.  We won’t know until the decision is made.  We know that it’s being made and until it's made we can't do anything aobut it anyway.  We know it's being made and that is the beauty of it.  The currency circulation has stopped (in Iraq) for the purpose of changing its value.  What day that actually takes place is still a question mark.  Leaves me in a real good place, knowing this is one more step closer to being done and that’s the exciting part about it. 

Our Canadian friends, last I heard, on the same page.  Waiting right along with us and all going to roll together.
Banks at this end I have not heard from and don't know what they intend to do just yet, and they may wait until the absolute last minute and say, "Hey, take this 800# and give it out."   If that be the case that is what we will do.  And we will tweet it out to you as quickly as we can, in every manner possible to get the information out to you so that when it is time to go to your exchange it will be as effortless as possible.  Try to give you as much advance information as we can in that regard.

That's really it guys as far as the information.  I did tell you this would be a short call and just for the members.  A lot of you already text me and in chat saying, "Hey if there is no new information, there is no reason to do the call.  I was feeling that but then there are some that did not have the opportunity to voice their  opinion in chat so I decided to do the call for you all that didn't voice that and say don't do a call.  That's why we did it.  And we wait patiently to see what develops.

Today is the 15th and the bonds are supposed to go live today.  If something exciting comes from that I will send out a text  to you later this evening to keep you updated on what's going on.  If any exciting thing takes place through the weekend we'll update you until that special time we are waiting for.
Until then all we can do is sit back and wait and be patient in knowing that it's coming.
Thank you for your time guys and the members who came on.  Enjoy your weekend.
If something pops I'll get back in touch with you.  (Ray then placed, "I Believe")

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