Monday, April 11, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  

Ray:  We are here till the end even if we know it is long overdue.  Banks in US looking for it.  Information they've received is, "be aware," "be on the look out."  Majority of banks we have gleaned information from they are looking at tomorrow.  Either something will happen or information will come out regarding something happening.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Banks in US looking for it tomorrow . . .
                                     Information they've received is, "be aware," "be on the look out."

IRAQ:    Announcement out of Iraq expected on Tuesday.  Restrictions on money entering and leaving Iraq over this weekend.  Some reports that Mosul has been liberated.  Information coming from citizen level, TV or citizen on the street.  Lower denom's hitting the streets.  Some military strikes have been made on another town.  Number of ministers reduced to 22.  
  • Parliament to make the vote on new ministers on Tuesday.    
  • Contractors were paid with bonds instead of dinar.  They were told the bonds would be valued at $3.41 - $3.49 (I was shutting down when I heard this late into the after cal, so not exact on the cents mentioned) and the bonds would be good on April 15th.
  • Canada:  Ray has learned their 800 #'s are ready and they are on the same timeline as US.  Their banks are ready and just waiting for authorization.    
  • Rates:    Ray said last week the retail currency price of VND, Dong, doubled at a US bank.  Iran Rial more than doubled.  The value on the Rial did not change but the demand exceeded the supply.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:    Banks in US looking for it tomorrow.  Information they've received is, "be aware," "be on the look out."
  • Dinar in separate account:  Ray said he was told it was a recommendation, not a requirement.   
  • Opening a bank account for a Trust:  You will need the EIN, (employee identification number) from the IRS and specific trust documents, like the Affidavit of Trust, which is a document stating the Trust exists, without showing the bank all of your Trust documents.   Do not file for an EIN # until you have the Trust formed as when you file for the number from the IRS, the IRS thinks there is a Trust already formed.  
  • EXCHANGING:  FYI:  Ray advises that when you are going into the bank to exchange, set it up prior to going in, that you will be in a private area, private office.  Do not do your transaction for thousands or millions with a teller out in the bank lobby.  It's too public for anyone in the bank, employees as well as other customers to know your business.   
Private Exchanges?  Ray's Teaching: Based on his perspective and information received in the past.  Ray:  I have not heard of any in the last few days.   Banks were given permission to go forward at their own risk if they desired.  Banks have a list of their own client base that they have called in to exchange their own private client base.  I gave that the title of "private exchange."  Ray believed those exchanges were still going on last week.
Group Exchanges are based on them having a contract with the bank.  Ray  We were told years ago, it would be private exchanges first, then groups.  
TNT:  Ray:  As TNT, we are considered a group . . . then the general public, who do not get on calls or keep up with what is going on.  We are a group because of knowledge we have and information coming to us.  We are not considered the general public.

Q & A: 

Q. - Were call centers manned this weekend?    Ray:  The call centers we were referring to a year ago no longer exist.  There maybe a call center in a bank somewhere.  Now just exchange centers exist to handle the whole thing.
Q. -  Stability of GOI?   Ray:  Not really any mention of the GOI being unstable.
Q. -  Do you know what the delay is?   Ray:  I have some information coming to be that points in the direction of a delay, but we are going to wait and see, if that was/is the delay.  Based on current information Ray does not see it going to October, 2016.  Ray:  I don't have a reason to look on down the road.
Q. -  If we process, sign an NDA, will we be prohibited from helping others go through?   Ray:  I don't think so. The NDA is for what you went through.  IF the NDA is exclusive of you talking to anyone, then that's different.  We don't know for sure (what the NDA covers).
Q. - Drivers only ID she has.  Is it sufficient identification?  Ray said if your not going for the contract rate it would be sufficient enough.
Q. - Waiting on seating of Parliament members?  Ray:  Yes, I'm thinking so. We'll know tomorrow.  Parliament to make vote public tomorrow.  If no impact on it, we'll be right back here Wednesday.
Q. - ZIM has not expiration date on the note.  Will it always be good?   Ray:  A whole bunch of stuff on the ZIM.   I don't know how much is true.  Information given to me was they were going to give the old currency a value and bring it back into existance.  People I know and trust have been involved in an exchange.  It's enough to make me believe it's real.  I don't know when it comes down to it if it will be .03, $3.00 or $30.00 . . . hearing everything under the sun.  If it's .03 it's a darn good deal.  Anything over that is a greater deal.
Q. - Type of account to open?  Multiple accounts?  Sweep into another bank?  Ray:  We introduced opening a 2nd account because we were going over strategies to exchange with a dealer.  Dealers said they would wire money directly into our bank accounts.  This was connected with lay-a-ways.  The risk someone was wiring into your account and what was to stop them from wiring it back out.  So, we had a 2nd account set up so you could move it and they would not know about it (the dealer).

After the call:

Q. - Hearing vote will actually happen on Thursday.  What say you?  Ray:  It's tricky what is going on over there.  Hearing about things being done in two phases.  Prior to Tony leaving I was never concerned about what was going on over there.  Wasn't keeping up with it.
Q.  World will know about RV 24-48 hours after Iraq has RV'd?  Gazette published on Wednesday. Ray:  I don't think so.  Banks notified.  If not something real here why would banks keep being notified?  Gets confusing because we try to use American thinking and American legal applications to the mid east.
About Pam:  Ray explained that Tony needed Pam and she is not on the calls because she knew Ray did not need her to handle the equipment, details, etc.   Remember Tony was electronically challenged.  Pam took the opportunity to take a break and is not on the calls by her own choice.   She had gone through all the "stuff," the name calling, accusations directed at Tony, TNT and the staff of TNT (moderators, etc.)  Ray:  This can consume you.  Morning, noon and night, intel, what are they saying over here, over there.  You guys don't know the half of all the things that make up a day of what we have been doing for several years now.  Try three or fours years of calls every day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday?


This is your site, your call.  Doing it for you.  Sharing it with you members who want to participate.  Do it to answer what you want to know,  your concern.  We do it for you.  Opportunity to serve.  We will do it till the end.
Everything right now looks to tomorrow for action or information.  The action being 800 #’s.  What else?  Banks saying “sure come on in.”
Looking for information, when we are actually going.   If not, looking for information when we are actually going.  If I know when we are going, I’m okay with that.  Until then, no other choice but to hang in there and keep believing.  (played “I Believe.”)
 After the music:
RAY:  Yes, I am excited about your future.

After the official call ended I stayed on the line for another 45 minutes.  Those comments are incorporated into the call text, if it was not repetitive of information in the actual call.
It has been said the RV will be somewhat emotionally stressful  . . . so thought I would share the graphic below I saw somewhere . . . 

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