Friday, April 1, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

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Opening Music by "finesse."  That's his board name.
Ray:   No new intel.  I know quite a few folks were looking for something to happen this morning.  I was not looking for it.  I did not have any information telling me that it was definitely coming.

On some of these sites, blogs, skype rooms, you've heard everyday, "it's been released, "live in Reno," "800 numbers released."  We're still looking for a public release.  Looking at Iraq, I don't believe we will have one before they have one.
Tony had a good birthday.  We talked that day and everyday.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray: They (banks) are still on notice and waiting to see what happens.   Look at Saturday.  I don't think they will do anything public without having their government fully seated again.

IRAQ:    PM Abadi provided names for consideration.  Parliament has 10 days to approve.  They are meeting again on Saturday.  If that is the hold up, possible on Saturday it will be resolved.  Ray:  We've not heard anything that replacement of the cabinet was affecting the RV . . . but a fully seated government is necessary.  There are some pieces missing for me.
  • Cabinet positions were renamed with the exception of Defense and Interior.   
  • Banks 
  • Demonstrations:  Sadr had everyone stand down.  Ray thinks Sadr may have left the Green Zone.  Waiting to see if the appointments will be satisfactory.
  • Rate inside Iraq:  Ray:  I've not heard anything about it moving. 
  • China:  Is the President of China here for more than the Atomic Energy Conference?  Ray:  I have no idea. 
  • Rates:  Dong rate is holding at the same and the Dong is still scheduled to be in the first basket.  ZIM will be exchanged at multiple banks.
  • 800 #'s:  None of have been released.    
  • Banks:  are largely compliant.  Ray:  Imagine some are fed up.  Some still excited.  They are still on notice and waiting to see what happens.  Other banks still saying they are waiting on the lead bank.  There is no NEW banking information I can share with you. 
  • Packages:          
Q & A: 
Q. –  Do you know why it did not go at the end of March?  Ray:  No.  New window?  Ray:  No.
Q. -  Is it true we should not leave the bank unless our funds are in a holding trust?  Ray:  No.
Q. -  Can each parent gift individually $14,000 to siblings?  Ray:  Call IRS and ask them.
Q. -  Does the Kurd situation have anything to do with delay of RV?  Ray: No mention of this to me so I don't think it has any impact or bearing on it.
Q. -  Do you think there is such thing as the cabal?  Ray:  I believe there is some truth.  If 100% true remains to be seen. Another caller suggested reading, "Creature from Jekyll Island."
Q. - Any other dates your hearing?  Ray:  Not yet.  One or two sources going to get with today about that. 


Summing things up.  The information I had was they want this done by the end of the month.  Things indicating, leading up to that.  End of the month was yesterday.  Could it be that what they wanted done by the end of the month was done.  They have a rate over there.  Could it be they wanted to revalue the currency?  Did new cabinet, end of corruption interfere with what they wanted done.  I just report the information.  
At this stage it is the best information we can get for you.  we tell you what we are hearing.  #1, you said that's what you wanted to hear - what is coming to us, with the exception of what is "iffy" at best or just outright rediculous.
Want to give you the information to keep going but not pump you up.  Anything you pump up deflates later.  So, we work earnestly at getting good information you can receive and digest.  Not always exciting information.  Sometimes not what we want to hear.  
For those who want to hear anything and everything, that's what those other sites are for.  Some things I don't hear they share with you.  Some of the things you've heard in the last two weeks, how much of that has come to pass?  I'm not knocking them, just giving you what I receive.  

If you want to hear it you know where to go so you can be excited and then disappointed when you wake up in the morning.  We;ve been down that road and back.  How many times you want to go down that road.
Every month or so there is a new johnny come lately.  It's easy to say what somebody told me to tell you.  At some point we information providers have to take some responsibility for what we provide.  As long as this ride has been there is no fast buck to me made at this.  Know your in this for the ride.  Those who have been in this 3, 5 10 years know that.  It's for the new ones - we stepped up to be information providers and we know about the boy who cries "wolf" everyone.
Sooner or later we have to look in the mirror and ask are we part of the problem or the solution?  I know the members of TNT are not interested in listening to the boy who cries "wolf."  And then come to find out false alarm

Some of that you will hear today, because it's April Fools day.  Try not to get hooked into that.  This is still a real opportunity.  We have learned a tremendous amount on this ride.  We have learned how our government and other governments operate.  
Let us continue to search for the information we can bring to you as we wait for that date and not listen to just anybody who stands on a soap box.  Because I won't blow smoke up your leg some will go looking for that because that's what they want.
We are going to give it to you as straight forward and honest as we can.  One thing is for certain, when we stop listening, they will stop talking.
Can anything happen?  Sure it can.  We could be going to the bank.  Looking for the public release.  Look at Saturday.  I don't think they will do anything public without having their government fully seated again.  I have to look at that.  Public release or private activity?  We have to look for that.
Whatever it is, we will share it with you.  Tweet or full scale share like on this call today.  Your either on this ride or your not.  If your on this ride then you agree with me, because we believe (played "I believe.")
After the music:
RAY:  I am excited about your future.  Transcribers rest.  This concludes the official call.  
C:  Heard Parliament made decision yesterday on same day they gave them the 10 days.  On the site they said it.  Ray:  What you maybe referencing is they voted to eliminate all the proxy positions.  

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