Friday, April 29, 2016

TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Friday, April 29, 2016 - FINAL

    • sunny said
      10:29 AM Apr 29, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  Are we finally going to see it Friday?  Time will tell because I sure can't.   In Iraq the Interior Ministry announced they've delivered over 100,000 cards in 8 provinces.  Joe Biden, Jack Lew, IMF staff were all in Iraq.  I believe the VP has left.  It's been said they were there to help things move along.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  One set of memos said that private exchanges will start tomorrow with the release on the 29th, which is today.    Some bank people were very much exited for the UST to give them a release to start exchanging.     
    BANK MEMO'S:    They were excited this morning, saying the UST has been making some decisions for the bank to engage in what they want to engage in, even if it’s not the full public release, but one that private individuals could take part in – which means us, taking part before the full public event.  The 29th is the targeted date for them to be seating people.  The banks anticipated they would be seeing people today.
    Iraq’s Saturday is our Friday night, so we should be hearing the first murmurs on late Friday night into Saturday morning, and then the full public release next week. 

    IRAQ:    Abadhi is to have a vote of confidence, minister situation and important laws taken care of Saturday.  Then Tuesday is to be a holiday.  
    • Demonstrations:  citizens sleeping on the streets and in the mosque awaiting what the PM has promised them. 
    INTERNATIONAL:    Caller:  In the Eastern part of the world, this is Good Friday - Easter weekend for them.  (With Easter weekend and then Iraq declaring Tuesday a holiday, perchance Iraq has set up a 3 day spread of holiday's?)
    • IMF    
    • Rates    
    • UST:  It appears the UST has authorized a limited release of some sort.  Ray feels it maybe a private release which would encompass the internet dinarians.
    • Banks:       NEW Bank memo has been released saying UST is going to do a limited release, and today's date, April 29th, was mentioned.  Ray speculates the limited release is referring to the internet people, a semi-private release before full public release.
    • Shelf Trust is available in a banks real estate department.  Ray suggested you call the banks and ask your questions, discuss and investigate if this will be useful for you personally.       
    Q & A: 
    Q. -  Any confirmations on an RI in Iraq?   Ray: No more.  Getting information from over there is very difficult.
    Q. -  What banks will be exchanging the ZIM?   Ray:  All banks will be exchanging the ZIM and told all denominations.  I have not heard of any banks that will NOT be exchanging the ZIM.  Members have talked to banks and that's what the banks tell them.
    Q. -  How many people can I gift?   Ray:  As many as you want.  Post RV gift tax applies over $14K. (and it is the giver, not the giftee who pays the taxes on the gift)
    Q. -  When we exchange will we get fiat or gold backed dollars?   Ray:  I don't think you'll get anything gold backed.  Our country is largely compliant with being asset backed.  I could be wrong, but from the people I'm talking to and what I've read, people will still have fiat dollars, but it won't be a detriment.
    Q. -  Why are things so hush -hush lately?   Ray:  Mainly because there is not a whole lot left to talk about.  Been saying for some time now everything is done.  We are close and getting closer and closer as things are eliminated.
    Q. -  If Iraq has gone gold-backed?   Ray:  I don't believe they have.  What does gold-backed really mean as opposed to asset backed?    Ray:  I've not seen anything yet.  Haven't gotten any reports of an announcement from the mosque about gold-backed.  I cannot confirm yet.
    Q. -  Vietnam is to print a new $50 bill on May 5-6.  Why would they do that when the currency is hardly worth anything?   Ray: When the currency is revalued there will be lower denom's available.  I see that as a sign of what is yet to come.
    Q. - Do you see this GCR as a step into the New World Order?   Ray:  No!  I remember the NWO as one money across the world.  
    RAY:  We are here for information as best as we can get it for what we are unilaterally interested in.  We are waiting for some exciting information today.  Banks were excited.  They got phone calls.  Some bank people were very much exited for the UST to give them a release to start exchanging.
    I still didn’t pin down a particular banking person to have this conversation with, but in general, any release that the bank is expecting, we in the internet group should be taking part.  This is not the full public release, but a private exchange for the group(s).  I can be with them in that regard, so long as they are not saying a full public release.  
    That means today, tonight, the weekend, this release could be happening.  The public will be able to exchange a few days later, depending on what Iraq does at the weekend.  It’s exciting and it’s also okay if we are in the same place tomorrow when the sun comes up. Just making inferences based on information of today. No promises have been made.  We are anticipating this because of indicators from the banking side.  We remain optimistic, waiting for anything to come down the pike that says progress.  
    In the mean time, in between time, hold on.   Don't lose the faith.  Keep on believing. (played "I Believe.")

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