Sunday, April 10, 2016



locofelipe :  it is looking super good!!.... I haven't been this pumped in a while!!! I am sorry, no, I can't speak on it. But it is awesome!!! very excited, very happy

locofelipe :  ok- in all seriousness. I would make sure that you have all your duckies in a row, and you are ready. planned, prepared...... ready. that is all I am going to say.

SwampyJack:  Christine LaGarde was on FOX just a few seconds ago and said that the Economic Report will be out on Tuesday outlining the slowdown on the economy for the past six months and the inadequacy on the currencies

Vinterv:  Setting the stage...

SwampyJack:  The Stage is set, the actors are in place and we are just waiting for the Fat Lady to show up

Vinterv: Waiting for the final curtain....past the point of no return... (in my phantom voice) the final curtain!!!!

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