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TNT Call notes 8-April-2016
RayRen:  [TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Fantabulous Friday, April 8, 2016.  This is RayRen98.  Let’s get this show on the road!
It’s also first-time caller Friday, and we will do that today.
Let’s get into it:  sitting still in turbulent waters.  There is nothing new and exciting.  The US banks are saying the same thing as on Monday - -they are ready!  They are waiting on the lead bank, and the lead bank is not talking. They are waiting for something as well, and the others are passing the buck.
One thing that concerns be about the banks being ready is ‘ready to do what?  And how?’  What is the process here?  The earlier we know what to do, the better.  If you do a $20 transaction, that’s easy, but there are some of us who are doing transactions in the  millions, and we will have questions.  We aren’t going to just walk in, do our business and walk out again.  The banking people know that, but do they really get it, that we will be walking out rich and walk out in 15 minutes feeling okay with that?  We need the information ahead of time so that we can be more comfortable and sure of what we are doing.  Do I need to bring lawyers, bodyguards or whatever with us?  Banks, it would help if you would give us something so we can give it to those listening to us.  It can be a general process:  do this, then this, then that.  We don’t need all the details, but if you don’t give us anything, our imaginations will take over. If you keep silent, we come up with our own thoughts and ideas… so give that information to somebody.  It doesn’t has to be to me!  Give it to someone who that we can know what is taking place instead of frantic upside down, activity.  That is a clear request for help and information.  If you don’t want to call us directly, send a subordinate.
So the bank sources I’ve talked to, the banks are on pins and needles, ready to go, ready to see you tomorrow.  See us how?  What are we hearing apart from 800 numbers that may or may not come out.  We need information about the process, how long it will take, etc.  Those instructions would be better beforehand rather than when we show up.
Canada is in pretty much the same boat;  it’s possible their 800 numbers may pop out over the weekend, and they provide some kind of instruction.  Actually, I gave you some intel on that on the last call and I haven’t heard any changes to that.
Let’s talk about Iraq.  I don’t think we’ll see anything publicly until Iraq rolls it out in public.  Unless they announce something on Saturday, I don’t see public action here, although the banks may still call people in privately.  I have had some hints and rumors that the protest was planned for today, for Friday, and they plan for it to be historic.  This is the first one I’ve heard of where they are paying people to show up!  Well, they are receiving money, which is not necessarily paying them to protect, exactly. Money is supposedly being distributed to people, and they are expecting large numbers.
On Iraqi television, Sadr says that if this is not completed, he plans to go back into the Green Zone –aggressively rather than passively.  They are definitely protesting today.  Some of us can watch the television over there, so pull it up and you can see for yourself what is going on in the mosques.  There is expectation of some announcements that may have taken place over there – I’ll expect to get more information in a few hours.  Some people are thinking it’s a Shabibi-type announcement of him coming back.  Maybe;  I’m thinking it’s something that may tie in with future events and what we’re looking forward to:  a full-blown public RV.  Hopefully there will be some information about that, if not that itself. I am patiently waiting.
That’s all the intel I have for you today.
[I had a meeting, so left the call at this point.]

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