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TNT Call notes 4-April-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Monday, April, 4 2016.  It’s DC Guy’s birthday today, celebrating more wrinkles!  If you didn’t get the chance, there is a message in the forum that I’m sure he will read at his leisure.
This is RayRen98 here, working the controls and going over the information as best we can.  So much has taken place this week.  Some are things you are not supposed to know and a few things I shouldn’t’ have told you!  They have to be direct with me and say “don’t put this out”, not leave it to me to work out it’s so advanced I shouldn’t put it out there. There are some stages and developments with the process, and this stage, this week, there is some eyebrow raised as to why we haven’t seen that as a public reality.  That’s all I can say on that.  We are at that least stand now, and maybe we will have the steps so that we can see something this week.
Let’s go to Iraq.  They have an international currency. Parliament met on Saturday and voted on the 2007 Budget, which had everything in it including the kitchen sink.  That was done to clear the books.  There are no more decisions to be made, no more things to be voted on.  It may be the Cabinet appointments are the hindrance, and I thought that was taken care of on Saturday as well, but with more information we found that was still incomplete.  If that is not taken care of, we learned that Maliki’s supporters remaining in the government structure, and they are attempting to block certain things, even in their meeting that was held today.  This meeting was to vote on the names submitted by Abadi and to complete that.  So there is some political turmoil over there than may be holding things up a little.  A presidential envoy was sent to assist with the situation – not President Obama himself, he didn’t need to be there for that situation, to help them cast their votes appropriately.  Maliki was trying to save his neck, and that’s understandable, but now Sadr is saying that anyone who votes against Abadi’s candidates should be exposed because they are blocking progress to economic reform.  All that could have some impact on the RV. They need to be of one accord.  We hope to hear something later this evening with the outcome of meetings today.  Nothing else needs to be done, though – that’s our understanding, that this is wrapped up, signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered.  However, it could be this turmoil is a temporary hindrance.
In the US, some bank people got notices to come in on Saturday and on Sunday to make sure they are at their battle station on Monday morning. Either they are expecting a lot of us walking it the door today, or they want all hands on deck, in position, for today or tomorrow.  Some banks were telling people on Friday to hold onto their dinar and bring it back on Tuesday.  So some banks were told to come and be ready to do exchanges, and some people are being told by some banks to hold onto their currency and bring it in to the bank on Tuesday.  They speculate in the banks that they will be exchanging for us this week.  From the Iraq side, it’s all done – but where is the rate change?  That has not taken place 100% in public yet.  So we have a little while longer;  it could be hours or days, I’m not sure until we get more information about what’s happening over there because I firmly that we won’t go in public before then.  The private deals can continue.
I think it was accidental, but some rumor got out that I have 800 numbers.  I DO NOT.  No bank has given me 800 numbers nor have I been asked to sit on them for a while.  I have learned that there are 800 numbers for Canadians, and if they give me those, I’ll let  you know what they are, the moment I learn what they are.  Be happy to know thee exist, or that is the information coming to me.  Canadians, you can smile!  Americans, you can smile, too, but we don’t have 800 numbers yet.
That’s it for intel, I think.  Let’s see what the members want to ask.
Q:  Why is it thought we will be penalized for exchanging one note before appointments? 
A:  How long have you been involved?  At one point, because of the groups and the contract rates, some people were told that they would be locked in at whatever rate they get for the one note.  Talk to your groups about that.  It would make no difference to the bank.  I don’t know why, but that was the message I was given a year or so back.  It might just hve been a fear tactic to keep everyone in check. It came up as a possibility and that’s why we offer training on how to deal with that.  Therefore, it would not be a problem for us.  I offered that training on OM and brought it over to TNT.  If that becomes a reality, we know what to do.
Q:  When you create a trust with family as trustees, who collects salaries?  What work are they doing?  A:  They are doing administrative work, and that is what they get the salary for
Q:  You mentioned you like PODs over a shell trust at the bank.  What is your reasoning?
A:  We talked about PODs until you find out what the shell trust will do for you, and one benefit is to make sure the correct people benefit if you have an accident or whatever before you get everything set up.  If that is the only benefit, it would be simpler and easier to put a POD on your own personal account, because the benefits and features of a shell trust are unknown.  If it’s simple, not too much red tape, then go for the shell trust.  Otherwise, stick with a POD.
Q:  Will the banks have the same rates as the exchange centers?  A:  What do you mean by an exchange center?  If the bank is telling you to go to a particular location where they are dealing with large volumes, then that is no different than going to an ordinary branch of the banks.  Some banks have exchange centers for higher-volume customers, and the rates will be the same as at any other branch of that bank.  If you are talking about normal currency exchange dealers like Travelex, then you may see different rates.  I don’t think they will offer contract rates.  When the time comes, call and ask!
Q:  With March in the rearview mirror, is there another date we can look towards?  A: Yes:  today, and after today, tomorrow.  Looking day by day;  we are right on it.
Q:  Can you indicate what you thought the rollout would be compared to the actual rollout we are seeing today? A:  I’m still in wait-and-see mode for what’s going on and how soon
Q:  Are there any changes in procedure now that we are in the second quarter? 
A:  Nothing jumps out on the procedural end, in terms of what we are adjusting for.  There might be some slight number changes, but everything seems to be status quo.
Q:  It puzzles me why some still think this is not going until June.  What and why? 
A:  I don’t know – no one has given their reasoning on any particular date, be it this week, this month, this year or whenever.  When I give a date, I give my reasons.
Q:  I heard that the ISIL has trillions of dinar and governments are worried if they cash in, they will buy weapons.  A:  ISIL and anyone else up to no good might do that.  To fight a war, you need money.  They probably see this as a financial salvation just as much as we do.  The powers that be are trying to curtail that as much as possible.
Q: Do you know what guarantees if we have to take a structured payout, especially if a bank defaults?  How can we be sure our money will be safe.  A:  I don’t know, but assume it’s not about the bank being liable.  It’s not their money, so I assume they would just move it to another bank.  As we learn more about structured payouts, we will also learn who is responsible for the payouts, and then can figure out how to keep our money safe, once we know what the parameters are.
Q:  Can you state that anyone has received an exchange with their dinar?  A:  Really?! What difference would it make if my answer is Yes?  You still won’t get an exchange until this is available for all of us.  We are still waiting.  If you don’t believe it is ever going to happen, based on what you have experienced up to this date, then you might want to focus on your future somewhere else.
Q:  Can you confirm that the dinar is alive in Iraq at $3+?  A:  No, I cannot confirm it because I’m not there.  I’ve told you what my sources have said.  Believe it or not!
Q:  A few years ago, we were told that one bank has to exchange everyone, while the other banks can pick and choose.  Also, we were told all banks will offer contract rates.
A:  Both are true, to the best of my knowledge.
[computer crashed, missed a question]
Q:  Do we know about tax situation?  No.  Zim rates still high?  Yes, still very high
Q:  Is there an upper limit to how much you can donate to charity?  A:   No, not in any given year.  There is a limit to how much you write off or deduct for charitable donations.  With a regular 501c3 charitable organization, a person can write off and deduct 50% of their adjusted gross income.  With a family trust, you can deduct up to 30% of your gross income. If your AGI is ten million, and you donated eight million to your foundation, you could deduct three million this year (30% of AGI) and carry forward the rest about five years, I think. Check with a tax accountant, but I think you can deduct three million the second year and the remainder in the third year.  Do check with professionals, though.
Q: After 800 numbers are posted, will this site be suspended?  A:  Yes.  It won’t be instant but almost certainly within a month this site will be gone.
Q:  Will the bank control the shelf trust?  [not sure I got this question correctly]  A:  I don’t believe it will be the same thing, but contact your bank and ask them about temporary trust holding accounts or shelf trust.  They will answer your questions now, before the heat of the moment.
Let’s talk to some members…
301 caller:  Something happened this weekend.  My godmother sent me a text about the currency and I sent it out to my group.  My cousin was at the bank about to exchange one of their currencies, at the same bank that last  year they told us we were wasting time.  They were about to exchange seven million dong for $28,000…?  I told her to wait because post-RV, that will be worth $28 million. Then the bank called later and said they would have got $28!  When I called to see if they had some currency to sell, I could hear the manager saying “they will only get $47 per million”. So they don’t know!
803 caller:  My first question relates to the gentleman on the OM call who was talking about transferring his property into a trust after the trust was established.  Does it make any difference if the quit claim is set up as a sale rather than transfer? 
RayRen:  That is a consideration for the quit claim, but it can be a small dollar amount. 
Caller:  is it better to set it up as a regular sale, rather than a quit claim?  Would it depend on if you are making any money off the sale?
RayRen:  A regular sale would have tax and sales tax implications.  If it’s a straight sale, you are getting some money, right?  I’d have to look at that.  Actually you need to take that up with your professionals;  I cannot answer that right now, I don’t remember the details just offhand.
Caller:  How do you close out a trust?
RayRen:  File a 1041, and check the box that says ‘Last filing’ so you let the heirs and beneficiaries know it’s the last filing and they cannot expect any more from this entity.  You can also deplete the assets by selling, donating, or distributing to beneficiaries.
521 caller:  I was a bit confused about the question about exchanging any currency prior to getting an appointment.  When we call the 800 number and get an appointment, will we be able to  exchange one note, and will it affect the rate at the appointment?
RayRen:  Yes, I think you can exchange one note and it won’t affect the main exchange.  If you are in a group, though, check with your group leader.  The TNT group is just an informational group, not a structural group.  If you go to the bank and say you are in the TNT group, they will go ‘what?!’  I don’t see anything to block your changing one note. 
Caller:  In order to get our reserves out, we will have to exchange some to buy the rest. Have a great day!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  It’s a new month with new bills.  DONATE at www.tntsuperfantastic.com.
RayRen:  I do hope this is the last month you will make that notification!
Next caller:  I talked to several pastors and ministers and they have something I’d like to share.  It’s a prayer.
RayRen:  Do you have access to the forum?  This call is for Q and A.  Let’s not do that this time;  there are others who really want to get in their questions. 
918 caller:  Are the private groups the Admiral’s Group, Gen64, etc.?  If TNT is an informational group, I guess we are waiting for a public announcement out of Iraq;  would we still be waiting after the Cabinet approval and the law they passed to be published in the Gazette?  Then the CBI would put out a rate, and then we would go?
RayRen:  I don’t know;  I don’t follow it that closely.  Let’s say you are right, that at least gives you’re a format and a timeframe to look at.
Caller:  If no one is in any of those groups in this country, if they have dinar that they brought back from the Iraqi War and they hear about this, could that person walk into a bank and exchange without an 800 number and appointment?
RayRen: If the bank is at that point in exchanges.  One bank is routing people to different locations, so they are not exchanging people at every branch, at least not initially.  But we have had multiple reports from other people being told “the minute this comes through, call me and I will process you”.  So it depends on which bank you’re going to and what their process is.  We are asking them to let us know what that is, so we can tell you all what to expect depending on what bank you prefer.  Any bank that tells us the process, we will pass on to you.
Caller: After this happens, and you go in a couple of weeks later to set up a trust and a foundation, if you have set aside 50% for taxes, does that 50% just stay in the bank outside of your trust or foundation?
RayRen:  Of course not!  You guys are taking that too literally.  If I set aside 50%, I don’t mean taking 50% of your money and sticking it somewhere and not look at it until April 2017!  It’s an accounting set-aside, that’s all, and that money is going to work – you are just not going to spend that money on anything else until the tax situation is clarified.  I’m putting all my money to work!  Don’t put it at risk, like by investing it in something where you might lose it, but put it in moderate, easy, low-risk investment products like CDs, etc. I have an allotment of money that is going to someone else next April, but while it’s with me, it can be making me some pennies.
Caller:  My question whether I keep that money in my trust for asset protection…
RayRen:  Yes.  Trust are about removing ownership, then do whatever you want to do with it, just keeping in mind it’s earmarked for something else.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  Are we looking for this today or tomorrow?  Yes.  I don’t know what Iraq is doing;  maybe they have wrapped everything up and letting this go today, bam! Private exchanges have taken place in the past, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they continue with that today or this week.  We have dual reasons to be excited and upbeat, because I am looking for something to happen either way.  Both would be progress.  It may be concluded in Iraq and they release it – that could happen today, it sure can.  It’s not guaranteed, of course.  I get information about what people intend to do or plan to do, but things change, so until it is actually done… Things have changed and will continue to change until it is here in the present. If there is a need for us to come back, I will send a text or set up a call.  In the meantime, hold on… and believe.  

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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