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TNT Call notes 29-April-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to Friday, April 29, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here.  Are we finally going to see it Friday? Time will tell because I sure can’t.
Let’s proceed with the little information that we have, what we feel is good information.  In Iraq, the Interior Ministry said they delivered over 100K cards in eight provinces.  That’s progress!  Yesterday, we heard that the VP and Jack Lew and important staff of the IMF all met in Iraq.  This get-together is said to be helping to finalize things and move along their political process.  We’ll wait a few more hours or days to see how successful that way.  Abadi says that the Cabinet ministers and important laws should be done by Saturday and they will be shutting down the government on Tuesday for a holiday.  Crowds have assembled in the mosques and in the streets awaiting what the PM has promised.  Maybe Saturday will be the DAY to complete changing the value of the currency and making it public in everyone’s eyes.  Then we would be ready to move on.
Over here, I believe that Iraq has to make its move first – it’s their currency.  Private releases have been taking place, so perhaps the banks are revving up for a private release that we, the internet group, can take part in.  One set of memos said that private exchanges will start tomorrow with the release on the 29th, which is today.  They were excited this morning, saying the UST has been making some decisions for the bank to engage in what they want to engage in, even if it’s not the full public release, but one that private individuals could take part in – which means us, taking part before the full public event.  The 29th is the targeted date for them to be seating people.  The banks anticipated they would be seeing people today.
Iraq’s Saturday is our Friday night, so we should be hearing the first murmurs on late Friday night into Saturday morning, and then the full public release next week. All that sounds good.  It all sounds good and exciting to a degree. We try not to get too excited, so we won't be disappointed. Time will tell one way or the other. That is it as far as intel goes.
Let’s see if there are questions on the forum:
Q:  It is a high likelihood that many of our projects will be close to others here.  Will this site be open post-RV so that we can pool ideas and resources?  A:  There will be other venues for that purpose, starting with the BBQ in my backyard, so whip up that potato salad and my wife (who makes a mean potato salad) can maybe take a break.  You don’t have to worry about that;  we will find ways to be efficient in our charitable giving.
Q:  Define ‘technocrats’ in TNT terms?  Also, would you consider Tuesday and Thursday calls, leaving other days open for ‘the call’?  A:  Hm.  I would consider all of you technocrats because you can get online, go to the forum, make posts, etc. 
Q:  Any more confirmations on an RI in Iraq?  A:  No more confirmations.
Q:  Which banks will be exchanging the Zim?  A:  I haven’t heard of any banks that will NOT exchange Zim.  Members have been told by a variety of banks that they will exchange a variety of denominations.  I haven’t received any official word that only one bank will be exchanging Zim.  You can contact them and ask them.
Q:  Can I gift to as many people as I want so long as I don’t go over the $14,000 limit before the gift tax?  A:  You can give to as many people as you want, as much as you want; post-RV, though, gift tax will be applied if the gift is worth more than $14K.
Q:  Did Iraq announce that their currency is now gold-backed?  A:  Not to my knowledge, and in any case, it would be asset-backed.  They might have.  When you exchange, it will be into fiat dollars, so far as I know.  Our country is largely compliant with being asset-backed.  Having fiat dollars will not be a detriment to you.
Q:  Why is all this so hush-hush?  A:  Governments are like that –t hey don’t want their business out in the street.  Mainly it’s because there is not much to talk about.  We said months ago that everything is done, just not made public yet.  We need to see it released and in the public eye for us to accept it’s been done. People want the visual proof, and sometimes that comes later down the road, when it’s convenient to be brought out.  When governments are going back and forth, negotiating with other countries, that might tip their hands.  We keep looking for intel that we put across the internet, and that can do more harm than good, and we cannot change those things anyway.  There are indications of progress, and sooner or later there will be a full international revalued currency for Iraq, and that’s what most of us are looking for.  We didn’t come looking for a GCR, we looked to Iraq for an RV because we are dinar-holders.  Then we started grabbing other currencies.  With the GCR, some will go sharply up and some will go sharply down.  But most of this came to this game for one country to revalue.  Because more pieces came into the puzzle, that did lead to more time being required.  It’s cannot be zip, zip, zip, it’s done – they have to find very extra I and T and deal with those. Sooner or later, we will come to the final spot where this is IT.
Q:  If Iraq has gone gold-backed and other countries follow, does that mean everyone has to change at the same time, including here?  A:  Tehre are a lot of pieces in this.  What does ‘gold-backed’ mean as opposed to ‘asset-backed’.  I haven’t seen anything in print or received any announcements or reports on that yet.  Gold is AN asset, and most countries won’t survive being gold-backed only.
Q:  On the call the other day, someone talked about keeping hold of the currency to their adult children in trust;  what’s the tax position on that?  A:  That only works if the trust is a charitable trust, which is tax-exempt.  IF the exchange is taxable, the only way you get out of that is if the trust or entity is tax-exempt.  If you want to make sure it’s tax-free, create a tax-exempt entity and make that entity do all the work.
704 caller:  [Appreciation]   I went to WF yesterday, and in the past several WMs have been more savvy in terms of this process.  None of them knew about this skeleton trust, and one said it would have to be formulated before the exchange.  Can you straighten this out?
RayRen:  No, I can’t!  It will be handled through the real estate department of the bank.  They can explain it. 
Caller:  I will check it out and report.  I am low in funds, but this all creates the adventure!
512 caller:  It’s looking pretty good for this weekend, wouldn’t you say?
RayRen:  Banks are anticipating something today, and that may still materialize.  Then late tonight it will be Saturday in Iraq, and Abadi is supposed to announce something.  That might make their currency international and away we go!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
406 caller:  I miss that song Pam used to play…
RayRen:  I’ll see if we can accommodate you in some way.
610 caller:  Everyone, please make your donation today to help these calls on the air.  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click on the red DONATE button.
580 caller:  Does anyone know any bank around Tulsa that will exchange a small bill for us?  We’ve tried every bank in the area and they said they cannot do it.
972 caller:  I saw the other day that the VNN is printing a new 50 dong bill, to come out on the 5-6 of May. Why would they do that if it would take a lot of them to make up a dollar? The only thing that makes sense if they are revaluing the currency.
RayRen:  Iraq printed lower denominations, and released them into the marketplace on a certain date.  Some people have difficulty believing that, for the same reasons. Yet the currency was created and released in anticipation that it would be revalued. If the lower denominations are distributed, they are ready to use after the RV, so that people don’t have to walk around with big money all the time.  It still has to change value, but the minute it does… so I see that as a sign of what is to come. 
305 caller:  Do you have a general idea of to when educational seminars will be held?  I really want to attend those!
RayRen:  Within weeks of the RV we will have our educational seminars, planning, etc.
301 caller:  Do you relate the GCR to be a step into the New World Order?
RayRen:  No.
Caller:  Is this not being in control of the world’s money?
RayRen:  We may have different visions of the New World Order.  I gathered that would mean using the same money across the world.  I don’t see the GCR as being that.  All countries money will not be completely equal, although they will be on the same playing field.  That is not the same as there being one currency and one group in control of it.
806 caller:  Once the RV happens, there will be a GCR, and then NESARA will have to be invoked… [more of same]  Christine Lagarde will not allow the RV in the US or Canada.  She is blocking this, and I’ve been told that a very high source is being told all this.  [more of the same]
RayRen:  Do you have a question for me, or just want to get a point across?  I respect your right to read and believe whatever you choose, but this is Q and A for the RV, not a platform for your beliefs.  We are here to give out the best information we can get for the areas we are all interested in – the RV and the dinar.
We are waiting for exciting information.  Banks got phone calls in some locations, and some bank people were excited that the UST might give them the release to start exchanging.  I still didn’t pin down a particular banking person to have this conversation with, but in general, any release tha the bank is expecting, we in the internet group should be taking part.  This is not the full public release, but a private exchange for the group(s).  I can be with them in that regard, so long as they are not saying a full public release;  that means today, tonight, the weekend, this release could be happening.  The public will be able to exchange a few days later, depending on what Iraq does at the weekend.  It’s exciting and it’s also okay if we are in the same place tomorrow when the sun comes up. No promises have been made;  we are anticipating this because of indicators from the banking side.  We remain optimistic, waiting for anything to come down the pike that says progress.  Meanwhile…
RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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