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TNT Call notes 27-April-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to Wednesday, April 27, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here.  Sorry the tweet was late – I got caught up in a conversation.  Tony says to tell everyone Hello!
Anyone remember that radio ditty ‘Buckle Up’?  Well that is what we are doing here.
Before we get into the information, sometimes I think about this on the back end of the call by which time some of you are gone.  We want to do a special shout
out to all those who make this possible.  I won’t call names because I will probably leave off one by accident and some folks get emotional.  Thank you to the Mods for all you do behind the scenes and in the forums and chat room, and to the Guest Mods (past and present) and everyone who’s had a part in helping this thing continue so that we have a place to meet and discuss this information – how it affects us, and what might happen.  Thanks to all who send tweets, text messages, forum posts – all who take part in this.
What does that tweet mean – buckle up?  It’s definitely a ride!  There is not a whole lot of public information in the Iraq side, and you can read that in the news.  Abadi has made six cabinet selections and has until tomorrow to announce the remaining eleven.  The memo that went out to Iraqi banks, I still cannot find out what was on the memos.  They did have some compliance issues over there, and that is nearly 100% taken care of now.  We still have a question mark about the bonds that contractors were paid with –t hey were told they would be good on the 15th, and we still haven’t heard anything there.  What good is a bond with no value?  I don’t know.
For Canadians:  800 numbers have been selected, we have shared instructions on what to answer when you call in.  In the US, there is still a question mark about 800 numbers; some have been told that they can/will give out 800 numbers, but I don’t know for sure here in the US.  I believe we will all go together, US and Canadian.
For those following the banking community, it’s still confusing as to whether this is private or public.  Memos came out yesterday saying some private exchanges will be started today, and they may already be doing that.  They look to do public exchanges this week.  That’s what the banks are working with from my understanding.   All the big banks are ready, and they are looking for things to pop in the big banks this week:  WF, Chase, Bank of America, 5/3rd.  It should be show time between now and Friday.
In Iraq, I don’t know what the deal is.  If Abadi presents the rest of the cabinet positions and then it is show time over here?  I cannot see us rolling out before they do in Iraq.  So what the banks are saying, I don’t know if that is only private exchanges, or a larger proportion of private exchanges.  I can’t get anyone to give me a straight answer. 
Questions from the forum:
Q:  Are you hearing that we will be forced to go to WF or else we’ll have to take a lower rate?  A:  I’m not hearing that we will be forced to go to any particular banks, or that banks will have different rates.
Q:  We are hearing that we will have to put funds in a skeleton trust the bank has set up.  If the bank has the bank as the chief trustee, is that a good idea?  A:  I don’t like the idea of the bank controlling any of my money except for my own account.
Q:  If we have to take the skeleton, will we be able to transfer our money afterwards?  A:  I don’t know the intricate details of the skeleton trust the bank might offer. Call the banks and ask them;  if this information came from the bank, then you know what the deal is and you can make your decisions accordingly.
Q:  I didn’t think you ever set up a group but we are being referred to as the ‘internet group’.  What’s the deal?  A:  We are not a formal group like the Admiral’s group;  we are a group because we have information, a group by knowledge.
Q:  Do you listen to other calls?  A:  No, I don’t have the time, and I am happy with the intel group that works with me.  It’s mostly the same stuff anyway.  That’s my personal decision.  You can go to all the calls and sites all you want or can handle.
Q:  There are rumors of structured payouts.  Can you say anything about that – if they are feasible or not?  A: The banking people I’m talking to are questioning and challenging that. They want you to come in, exchange your currency, and get you involved in their products.  Some people are saying this is taking place, and yet some banks are saying “nothing like that is happening”.  If you take in the information and make plans accordingly, then you are good either way.
Q:  If we are using these funds to create info, should we focus on philanthropy or on growth?  A:  You have to look at the bottom line and take it from there.  I operate on ‘satisfy your needs and family needs, and then give the rest away’, so I’m focused on growth, but that is up to you.
Q:  I don’t understand why banks offer contract rates vs. International rates.  Why are they only available to some people and not to the public down the road?  A:  I don’t know why you think it won’t be available to everyone – we just don’t know until we get there.  I never really wondered WHY the contract rates exist, more IF they exist, is that for me?
Q:  I don’t want to do anything underhanded – e.g., the NDA.  A:  It’s not underhanded because it has an NDA;  that’s to prevent your blabbing afterwards.
Q:  Is there a limit to what you give to a charity or 501c3?  A:  No, although tax write offs might differ.  You can give up to 50% of your adjusted gross income, or 30% if it’s to your own foundation.
Q:  Do your sources say that WF is the only bank to exchange Zim in the first few days?
A:  No, I have not heard that from my sources.
Q:  Is HSBC part of WF?  If so, can Canadians exchange zim there?  A:  I don’t know, and not everyone believes only WF will exchange Zim.
Q:  Have you heard if 2011-12 zim note will be exchangeable?  A:  I haven’t heard either way.  In fact, I’ve never heard of 2011-12 zim notes.
Q:  Can you tell what buckle up means – my new car or old recliner?  A:  Your choice.
Please lower your hands if you’ve asked questions in the last two months.  Let’s try not to talk to the same people.
704 caller:  Last night I read on DinaresGurus that exchanges were going on and we might have to wait until today to see what shakes out. 
RayRen:  I don’t post to anywhere but TNT, so if you read it anywhere else, it may not be accurate.
Caller:  I cannot get onto TNT very much.  I guess what we are afraid of is that if we only have two or three days after the RV, we want to make sure we can get to the bank in time.  I do have Zim as well and want to get that out of the way.  I’m in Charlotte, and WF still says this is a scam.  Yet other people are getting different information from their banks.  If we don’t get an 800 number from you, how will we be able to tell who to call and when?
RayRen:  The banks will know when they are ready to roll, and when they know, we will know, and we will send out that information.  Go to your designated location, and if they are involved in this exchange, they will be singing a different tune on that day.  You have nothing to worry about.  Do you receive the tweets?
Caller:  Yes… and today you were pretty late!
RayRen:  I was on time!  <grin>  If you receive the text messages, you’ll be good… you’re in a good location and you will find out.
310 caller:  I think we have to experience this first.  I wouldn’t do us any good to pass on the 800 numbers to the people we gave currency to…
RayRen:  Why not?
Caller:  I thought they couldn’t go until after we had gone.
RayRen:  I don’t know about that.  The 800 numbers will go to us first, and we will give them to those hanging on our information;  they still won’t go to the general public.  They will do their exchanges later.  That’s how I understand it, anyway. 
Caller:  I’m glad to get that clarified.  I do intend give this twitter information to my friends whose system works better than mine;  I hope she will get the tweet first. I will have to wait for the call.  [Appreciation]  I look forward to meeting Tony in Vegas!
RayRen:  The event location in Vegas has not been selected yet.  You will know how to register from the websites.  We will ask people to re-register. 
Next caller:  One call said that only certain people will do private exchanges, and felt some worry about that.  This has been going on and on, and I feel concerned – is that true or not?  That only people registered to his seminars will have access to private exchanges and numbers?
RayRen:  I can’t say what you have heard from someone else has said is true across the board – it might be true for something they are working, but it doesn’t apply to all of us.  I don’t know any reason the government would even want to stop us exchanging – it’s more profitable to let us all exchange and spend that money, put it back into the community and the economy.  Those who haven’t been trained on money management skills, they will blow through the money and it will all be recycled back into the system. I only see advantages to everyone exchanges.  The banks certainly think it will be prior to the election by several months!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
903 caller:  [can’t hear the caller]  I have a friend who will call me as soon as this breaks;  she is a bank officer and her brother is a Treasury agent, so I don’t believe this is a scam. 
903 caller:  Can you share anything about the rates?
RayRen:  Not really – about the same, I believe.
[The call dropped, and I have a meeting, so I’m going to leave it here.]

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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