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TNT Call notes 11-April-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to Marvelous Monday, April 11, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here.  Did we expect to be here today, on this side of the RV?  Sort-of, kind-of.  On Friday I expected to be here, and a month ago I didn’t.  We are still here and will be  until the end, however long that takes.  Let’s get into this little intel we have to discuss today. 
In the US, the banks are still looking for this. Their information is that the rates will be changing, and to get ready for exchanges.  From the majority of the banks we get information from, we are looking for tomorrow. Either something is going to happen tomorrow, or information will come out regarding what will happen.  As far as the US banks are concerned, all roads lead to Tuesday.
In Canada, I assume their timeline is similar.  They are also waiting on the lead bank, and although it’s not official, I’m told their 800 numbers are ready, they are ready to roll, just waiting on authorization.
In Iraq, they are also looking at Tuesday.  From the reports we have had over the weekend, there were restrictions on money entering and leaving Iraq, with locking down the amounts of foreign country.  They anticipated Mosul being liberated ‘in the coming days’, which could be 1-2 days or 3-4 days.  It’s hard to pinpoint what that means.  Those are the messages from the citizen level in Iraq.  They are looking forward to a new CBI governor, lower denominations on the street, etc.  Some of this stems from Friday after our call, and then I got some more information this morning.  There was info on their television about the strikes…[?] and more talks on the ISIL situation.  They are reducing the number of ministers and ministries to 22, it seems.  Parliament will make the vote public on Tuesday, so they are also leading to Tuesday like the banks over here.
There are rumors galore, 24/7, so I will leave those alone.   That’s it for now.  Let’s look at the members’ questions in the post.
Q:  Does it look like we will be in the banks this month, since things are moving faster?
A:  It does look like, and we should have more definitive information tomorrow OR we will be in the banks.
Q:  After the RV, do you know what the dealers/banks will price their currency for those who missed this great opportunity?  A:  I assume you mean currencies that have not revalued… only if there is a need to.  If there is a large enough demand, I can see some of the prices going up.  I’ve seen the purchase price range from higher to outrageous. In my area, I saw on currency where the purchase price doubled.  I don’t know if the banks are trying discourage people buying.  That was dong, in my area – the retail price literally doubled.  I haven’t checked today to see if it’s still at that higher rate or not.  Iranian rial also went up;  it did more than double, because of supply and demand.  The value didn’t change, but the demand was up.  On one site, two million rial was $5,000 dollars, ten times what it was a month ago. 
Q:  Will we have this RV before October?  I’ve been told if we don’t see it this month, we won’t until then?  A:  Based on what?   I only know what I’ve been told, what I see and hear, and the only thing that hasn’t held true is the actual date of the RV. The rest I have seen manifest.  So… based on what?  Ask the person saying ‘October’, and that will give you enough to determine if you want to believe in that source or not.  I need substance, for it to make sense that it would take until October for this to materialize.
Q:  The only thing that makes sense to me lately is your statement that we will not see this until Iraq does.  Do you think they have to have new cabinet ministers and laws published and get rid of the corrupt officials before we will see the RV?  A:  We’ll find out after it’s done, because there are no other issues we have heard about in Iraq.  Nobody has anything else to get satisfied about apart from the citizens.  As far as I can see, today should be it, unless something else pops up.
Q:  Were call centers manned this weekend?  A:  I don’t know if there any call centers as we were referring to a year ago – those no longer exist.  The banks will have exchange centers.
Q:  What is the US bank process with the 800 numbers – like the Canadian process?
A:  They haven’t shared that with us yet.
Q:  Most of the articles from Iraq regarding GOI shuffle make the GOI look unstable.  What is the word from your contacts?  A:  There is no information on the GOI being unstable, so I have no position on that.
Q:  Do you know what the delay is and can’t tell us?  [call dropped]  A:  I have some information come to me that I is pointing in the direction of a delay;  we will wait, as it’s not urgent information.
Let’s hear from a few callers:
512 caller:  When you talk about the RV coming tomorrow, does that mean the 800 numbers, or the RV itself will start tomorrow? 
RayRen:  I’m thinking if the 800 numbers are tied into public revelations, then I don’t think it will be that tomorrow.  If they can roll it out at private level, that’s a different question.  I am thinking it’s all going to be released across the board.  Otherwise, why haven’t the banks being allowed to issue 800 numbers and get on with the private exchanges at least?  If the 800 numbers are about the public release, I can’t see it happening tomorrow.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
636 caller:  It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the NDA.  We’ve gifted some with currency, and they need some help.  If we have already signed an NDA, can we help them?
RayRen:  The NDA Is about what you did.  If you help another who also signs an NDA, then you’ll both be protected.  You can go in with others, but maybe not talk about what you did.  If the NDA precludes you talking to anyone, you could still be in trouble, even if they also sign that NDA.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
865 caller:  Are others still doing private exchanges?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard of any exchanging lately.
Caller:  I’m ready for this show to be over!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
301 caller:  You talked around my question about October;  do you think it could possibly be delayed for three months?  I just bought a vacuum with no payments for three months!
RayRen:  For what possible reason?  Are those Kirby vacuums still as expensive as ever?  The whole three months thing, I would need to have something substantial to go on. Anyone can get on a call and say “if it doesn’t happen this week, it won’t be until Juvember”.  What is that based on?  Why October?  Our elections are in November.  Both are just as unlikely, in my view.  I’d have to have something to go on, other than an educated guess, or an uneducated guess.  There is nothing I know has to come in by a certain date, or else. We expected this to happen a year ago!  If we don’t have any information to go on, I don’t have any reason to look that far down the road, not when I have information about when the sun comes up.  I’ll worry about October when I get there.
918 caller:  Is it still a requirement that the dinar go into a separate account?
RayRen:  It was never a requirement;  it was a recommendation.
Caller:  When people get their second wind, they will realize that time is on our side.  I believe everything has happened for this to come to fruition. I feel very confident that in the next couple of weeks you will get 800 numbers and information to put out.  If people have listened to you, they should have no problems at the exchange.  I think we will see this within seven to ten days.  I’m a darn good blackjack player, and my instinct tells me we are right here.  [Appreciation]  Where do you see Ray Renfrow in five years?
RayRen:  Sitting on top of the world!
573 caller:  All I have is a driver’s license as a picture ID – is that enough?  I’m not going after contract rates.   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  That will be enough.
425 caller:  Will this roll out by the end of this month?
RayRen:  Sure, based on the information we’ve been given.
Caller:  Do you think are waiting for Parliament to seat the cabinet members?
RayRen:  You must have missed the first part of the call, because I addressed those questions earlier.  Tomorrow we’ll find out if Parliament makes the votes public;  then we’ll know if that has an impact.  If not, we’ll know for sure it had nothing to do with it.  So we will wait and see if everything has been done to bring out this currency revaluation.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
609 caller:  I’ve been in this for more than four years.  You give people a lot of hope!  Over the past couple of weeks or months, you have mentioned private exchanges and groups. Once this goes public, we just have to get to the bank or exchange centers.  Who is the private part of this equation?  What is the group part?  How can they have already exchanged if the RV hasn’t gone public yet?
RayRen:  Based on information we shared some time ago, the UST gave the banks the green light to go forward at their own risk, if they wanted to.  The banks have lists of their own clients that they can call in to exchange.  Some received SKRs and some were getting cash in their accounts.  Some SKRs have been converted now as well.  That is what I mean by private exchanges that were taking place until a week ago.  I don’t have numbers, and I don’t think that many people have exchanged in various regions.
The group exchanges are the groups that say they have contracts with the banks, and they have been given a rate.  We were told years ago that there would be private exchanges first, then the groups, then the public.  We were told that TNT would be considered a group, although we are not a formal group.  The general public, the ones who don’t get on the calls or follow this, they will be told by a friend or relative or the bank that the currency can be exchanged.  That’s what those divisions mean to me.  We are considered a group because of our knowledge and information, not because we have formed an actual group.   So we will go before the general public.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Next caller:  We went online to get an EIN for a trust or entity to set up an account so that we can exchange into some place that will protect it until we have the chance to create in the future when we know what we require.
RayRen:  You need the trust documents as well as the EIN number. You cannot open an account for an entity that doesn’t exist yet.  That’s why the IRS is asking what type of trust you have created and how much money you have put in.  They only give you EINs for something that actually exists not for something that hasn’t yet been born yet.  Even if they do, the banks will want to see that the trust actually exists.  When we hang up, call that bank, and ask what they need to open an account for a trust, and you have the EIN but haven’t actually created the trust yet.  I think they will ask for the trust documents.  If you don’t have one created, you are playing with fire.  You need to prove that the entity exists, so you need the articles of incorporation, the indenture of the trust or an affidavit of trust, so show that the trust exists, with the grantor, grantee and beneficiaries.  That is what should happen.  I’m not always right, just most of the time.  Call the bank and ask!  Then you will know for sure.  If I’m wrong, let me know and I’ll tell others.
I will call you and give you my contact information so that you can call/text/email if you find out something different, you can let me know.  Let’s talk later.
913 caller:  They are saying that the zim is an historic bond;  does that have an expiry date?
RayRen:  I hear everything under the sun about the zim, a currency their country no longer uses.  I hear they will bring this back into existence, and now people are saying it’s a bond, which changes the whole scope of this thing. People I know and trust have been in some kind of exchange with the zim, as an exchange or as a distributor, so I believe it’s real and there is something there, but I don’t know if it will be three cents, three dollars, or thirty dollars.  AT three cents, it’s a great deal, and if it’s more than that, even better. I’ll exchange what I have and enjoy the heck out of it.
Caller: People have said different things about the exchange, such as opening two accounts and sweeping from one into the other, etc.
RayRen:  From the TNT end of it, the only reason we said to open a second account was because we were going over strategies of exchanging with dealers, not with the bank.  The dealers said we could exchange with them and they would wire the proceeds into our bank accounts.  That would make it more lucrative to put currency on layaway, and the dealer would exchange it all out,  pay for the layaway, and wire the money into your bank account.  However, what would stop them from wiring it back out?  Open a second account and transfer everything into that account, so that there couldn’t be a reverse wire.  But that was only important if you had a dealer wiring you money.  If you go to the bank in person, there is no need to move those funds around because it was enclosed anyway in the one system.
Caller:  I heard it was about whether the funds get reported or not.
RayRen:  Who are they reporting it to?  You’ve just received five million in one account, and then you move it – so what?  The government knows you have five million dollars, and they don’t care what you did after that, so long as you paid your tax.  So to me it doesn’t make sense to move it to another account;  the government will still know.  They know you had the money before you reported it!
Caller:  I agree with Pam and Abraham that you have to see and feel this before you will receive it.  I’m a single mother of four kids, and I know about fear and doubt.  Whenever I’m in that fear, I’m out of step with those blessings.  When I appreciate the good things in life, everything falls into perfect step. 
RayRen:  Pam chooses to stay out the limelight;  it’s not that she can’t get on the calls.  Pam has been there for a long time, fighting some things you don’t even know about.  That started with PTR, and then with TNT, she was dragged through that process with Tony.  Those anonymous haters have to make themselves known on various sites to make people look bad for whatever reason.  Tony had no problem with that, but Pam did – as a wife and mother, you can understand that.  She put up with that on TNT for quite a time, but Tony still needed her.  After the changing of the guard, Pam knew that I didn’t need her, and she took a much-needed break because she knew I could handle this on the technical end. Some of our members don’t get that.  Pam and DC are still with us mentally, but he also had his family subjected to that hatred.  Tony was already used to it, and so am I;  you can’t scare me with that foolishness.  I don’t need her to do this call and Pam has opted not to deal with that headache.  She opted to be normal, as it were.  She didn’t bargain for all that got dumped on her.  Men take a fight head-on because we are bullheaded anyway.  Women don’t normally look to engage in a fight.  This can consume you, with the intel, the banks, what people are saying in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, etc.  You have no idea what goes into our day! 
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  We are past the top of the hour, but I like to have the members participate.  This call is for you;  we already have the information!  It’s good to talk to the members and find out what you know or need to know.  We are your humble servants.  We’ll be here with you until the end, and hopefully that will come as soon as I hang up this telephone!  Everything looks towards tomorrow for action or information.  The action would be 800 numbers and the invitation by the banks for us to go exchange.  The information would be telling me which morning we will see that action.  Until then, we have no choice but to hang in there and keep believing.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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