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The WINGIT Call with Gerry Maguire
CC Friday 4/1/16 @ 3:30 pm EDT
Notes by FancyFree from the Wingit Room 
Featuring: Gerry Maguire, Appaloosa, ART, Yosef, Special Caller, Pastor
Gerry:  ~ HOWDY ~Welcome to the Wingit Call and to Gerry's Redneck Church (Joking!  I'm a good redneck witness.).  Father take it away...
Pastor:  Bless us, our guests and let us be blessed.

Art:  Everything is looking good.  We hope for finally getting our notifications.  We know we haven't yet, but it sure looks and sounds good for us to be exchanged by Monday, Tuesday.  It's pretty quiet.  We are looking to see what may happen after sundown.  We are all tired, tired, tired - just plain tired.  We can all sleep after the RV, and I'll leave it that.  
Gerry:  Forum registration is closed.  We've got it pretty cleaned up right now, so we are going to keep it closed for at least a bit so we can maintain the integrity of the forum.  I am genuinely sorry to those not in.
Appaloosa:  In our first few days we had to ban more than 25 Kenny affiliates.  We found a correlation between the email addresses, the batches of addresses, to IP addresses that were sequentially numbered.  So, we could then evict 50 more addresses that could have been used maliciously.  
Gerry:  In a nutshell what I've been hearing... is well, only the authors of The Plan know the exact moment.  I want this thing to go yesterday too.  I will continue to wait and bring the news as we receive it.  The only other option is to see your currency.  After years of 3 calls / week, he must've been so tired.  There is only so much news to bring sometimes.  I think the battle between the Good and the dark.  
We are brining balance back into humanity.  From the toxins we are exposed to... Google The Georgia Stones.  It boils down to control of food, water and money.  We have become nothing but slaves.  We are working to bring freedom back to the people.  We will be learning until we are pushing up daisies.  I was stupid before, but now I am learning.  
Yosef:  I wanted to come back and be available for questions.  Very sorry I lost my cool a bit last night on The Big Call.  I am passionate about people finding their real voice.
Gerry:  I stand firmly right next to you Yosef. 
Yosef:  Then Gerry, we stand with the 8 billion people that are still persecuted on this Earth.  Somebody has to speak for those in bad conditions.  Everyone who redeems, please remember those people.  The money will wear on your soul if you aren't ready to give to others in the biggest way we can do it.  
~ Q&A ~
Callers:  (Heartfelt thanks to Yosef along with philanthropic intentions.  Creative ideas for Trusts.  Is reading the book recommended by Art:  Family Wealth.  Give warm comments and intentions.)
Yosef:  In the United States, the market closes in four minutes.  We can all be expectant of something happening at some point after that.  Let's move from praying for it to happen to opening our arms wide to receiving.  God loves you so much that this is for you.  The devil is being driven out of our financial world.  You will be unstoppable, and I can't wait to see what you do with your Blessing.  

That is what this is all about.  This is about people blossoming.  It's about humanity returning to the true intention of God.  Prepare to expand your heart.  Many have been attacked in this process.  We don't need to defend when we are of God because each attack strengthens us ten fold. If you're on this call, then you have held the vibration until the end.
You Gerry Maguire have stepped out to lead.  I thank and compliment you all.  Tremendous dark forces have come against you all every day.  You were chosen and incarnated to do this.  He's going to bless you and your family this weekend.  And you will disperse the wealth of God and bless other families.  
So we say:  here's my other cheek.  You attackers are only making the Kingdom of God stronger.  
Gerry:  We are all scrappers.  
MiracleQueen:  (With joyful tender tears, MiracleQueen gives big love and blessings to Yosef, Gerry & to us all.)
Yosef:  You and your husband represent the committed, giving, innocents of this world and are why God is restoring Earth.  We are all now responsible to foster and steward the innocents of the Earth.  Our work is just beginning.  We always redirect compliments, gifts, praise and glory back to God.  We have great duty and we will fulfill it.  The transaction of the redemption appointment is very short, yet the transition that it creates is between you and God and will last the rest of your lifetime. 
Q:  (Questions on the Market timing, and also do we have to wait for a gold-backed announcement?)
Yosef:  The first quarter ends today.  It only makes sense that things need to be taken care of before the markets re-open on Monday.  The gold-backed announcement will come after most of the currency have redeemed.  In other words, AFTER we redeem our currency.  We look towards mid-April to April 22nd, which is the once year marker of when the TRN's went live on back screens.
We are on a set schedule.  There is no reversal from that schedule.  The four areas - government, military, banking, diplomacy - are now under control by the Light.  It is just about time.  If we were delivering a baby, we'd be at 5 cm dilation right now.  
The higher rates will be available early.  So get in and Redeem!  At some point, the rates will fall back some.  We are being rewarded for our awakened service and devotion.  The higher rates are also to stimulate appointments and get the currency off the streets. 
The system has been in place and functioning for a year.  It is just now our turn.  
Q:  Why didn't the 800#'s come last night?
Yosef:  How do you know they didn't come?  They were delivered.  What we were waiting on last night, happened.  More should happen tonight.  The banks have numbers and they are getting prepped for the party right now.  
Q:  Will those who have been unjustly condemned and convicted in our society and world also be redeemed once the system shift, the paradigm shift is further underway?  How can we Ascend to be better people?  Will the Light do it for us?
Yosef:  This is the kind of question I hope for.  Is there really going to be change?  Are we really going to stop war?  What is this?  Simply said, when Christ would go village to village, just his Presence would raise the Christ (Love) frequency in the village to a higher resonance for a long time.  Christ / Love is now in every village, bite of food, prison cell, and the love of Christ is now displacing all that is not love and restoring love and light on Earth.  It is slowly happening second by second now.  That is what we are experiencing now - currently with the banking and ultimately in every aspect of life.  This is the flood of Light.  Look at the life and teachings of Christ.  The answers are there.  Dignity will be restored to the innocent, as we all are. 
Caller:  I tried to run from God, but it cannot be done.  How do I give in the best way?
Yosef:  Giving the interest away - not the principle - is a sound plan.  You can give consistent portions of your interest.  Your team can help you set it all up.  Whenever we give to existing charities, we free them up to stop looking for money but to do more good works.  Give others the space and time to be creative with how they can do more if funding is no longer an issue.  You will be expanding consciousness, not just giving resources.  We are impactful.  We need to be patient with how we all expand together to efficiently help others.   
TwoGuns:  (Filled with deep emotion.)  I have traveled a very arduous process with organized religion.  After being glued, screwed and tattooed by religion, but I have been left with hope.  Yosef, your words and your spirit have reached in me very deeply.  I thank you for the universality without thumping me with the bible.  It has brought back to me a core of spirituality that is precious.  I have been in this for a long time.  

I embraced NESARA immediately long ago and was branded in my circle.  We as Dinarians holding currency - when we got in it initially, it was for the money.  Now it is for others.  Yet, we are still so few.  How will we reach the masses?  What is going to help us bring peace into the chaos?  How do we quiet society so that the transition can be as smooth as possible?  Thank you of applying a healing balm to my soul.  
Yosef:  Thank you for the honor of providing a pathway back to God.  Religion was used to detach human beings from their true source.  It will all be exposed.  We will return to a love that is so real and tender that we won't have to explain or defend it.  Embrace this spring and share your heart freely now.  Never mind what it looks like or where it is.  Wherever you go, you are the church.  You are undeniable and unlimited.  This is the truth of who you are and have truly always been.
To change the world...
1. Surrender.  Let the will of God replace our will.  Let the love of God replace fear.  Beg others to surrender.  I am happy to surrender because it strengthens.
2. Lead.  You will receive Consciousness once you surrender.  Lead yourself first.  You will look up and others will be looking to follow.  Lead with passion and grace.   
3. Let God be God.  You are here to learn lessons and resurrect your own life.  God will show you the pace.  Don't deny your ability to be an angel on Earth.  No need to try to out-do or out-give God.  Do what you can joyfully with all you can.  
Yosef:  Special Caller, can you tell us some about your past week?
Special Caller:    We are all definitely being attacked and tested right now because the devil knows what we are about to do with this Blessing.  We just need to remember that this is not about us.  I have been doing some work in an area I did not expect to be Blessed from.  It was more than I could have imagined.  We must  keep our eye on the ball and remember what this is for

Yosef:  This is the best call I've ever been on because people are speaking from their hearts.  We are all struggling to see what this really is.  We are building an ark before this flood of Light fully hits  Get on board.  Thank you everyone who is listening and who contributed.  There is a fellowship among us who have believed.  We share a union in form and in spirit.  We will somehow find each other.  We will stay connected.  We are chosen to receive this blessing and to Serve.  
Gerry:  This pertains to international travel.  Iko has mentioned this.  Every country has their own way of doing things.  Do whatever it takes to adapt gracefully to the local customs, so you can be effective without causing problems.  Thank you Iko for getting us to think about and understand these things.  Let's respect others and their ways and protocol.
~ Wrap-up ~
Pastor:  Father in Jesus name, we thank you for our Blessings.  Thank you for healing sorrow, discouragement and fear.  We thank you for and receive our Blessing.  Bless the people and take away all their pressure.  In Jesus name.  Amen.  
Yosef:  This is the last one of these calls for me ever.  Thank you.

Gerry:  Disclaimer stands!  Link: http://www.thewingitcall.com/disclaimer.html  
Call Link:  http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=82938207

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