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The Big Call
CC Thursday 4/14/16 @ 9:00 pm EDT
Notes/Highlights by FancyFree in the WINGIT Room 
Featuring: Bruce, Kent, Sue, Robert, Yosef 
Bruce:  Welcome everybody to The Big Call.  I'm excited, and I hope you're excited.  Everybody should be in a really good mind-frame now.  (Bruce prays us in:  "Thank you God for giving us wisdom....")  Tonight could be a very interesting night from information I just received.  We'll just see how that goes.  (Everyone says hello.) 
~ Insights, Prayers & Praise ~

Kent:  "Little is much when God is in it."  Factor God into the equation.  "With God all things are possible." Let's not fail to see the factor of God in all things and what God has already given us.  First, we must take the step of FAITH.  We give of what we have and God multiplies it back abundantly.  Give to God in Faith, and watch it grow.  We are given the measure of our Faith.  
Bruce:  God's blessing is infinite.  We must not limit it.  God is amazing.  The open vessel to receive the blessing is us, when we open ourselves to God.  We remain an open vessel when we pour out God's blessing to others. 
Sue:  That is one of the most profound... it really grabs me.  "Little is much when God is in it."  That is what this community has been about.  God moved us to buy Dinar, Dong and heaven forbid... ZIM!  (all laughing warmly)
Robert:  Imagine this teaching in the Light of one person giving to just ten people and how that will multiply....  
(Prayer requests and Praise offerings from Kent & Bruce.)
Bruce:  A lot occurred - especially yesterday.  A lot of funds were moved into place.  So much from East to West that we cannot even talk about it.  The positioning is such that everything can happen.  The GCR itself was announced late last night in Hong Kong.
Robert:   Everything that I am getting, events that have happened, what must happen and what I believe...we are in the exact moment right now.  Christine Lagarde came out today and said the US is in the best shape it's ever been in -- and WHY would she say that?! -- and she also said that all countries must revalue by tomorrow.  Euroclear is the platform where the traders in the European market trade legally.  That is now lined up and ready to go, tomorrow.  
Bruce:  The final solution is lining up right now.  We are exactly where we need to be.  
Sue:  We want people to feel we are close.
Bruce:  And how we can use those feelings to move forward.
~ Q&A ~
Q:  Wealth Manager/Advisor vs. Private Banker?
Bruce:  They are one in the same at Wells Fargo.  The function is the same for those. 
Q:  Taxes?
Bruce:  We will know when we go in, and we need professional teams and consultation.  
Q:  Post office Form 120?
Robert:  Ask for a private P.O. Box and have it all come out of your account for payment.  On the application form, check the box saying the Post Office/UPS/FedEx/etc. can collect and hold your mail as needed by you.  The point is that you no longer receive mail directly, so that your privacy is protected.  
Q:  Traveling and exchanging?
Bruce:  You have options and must choose for yourself.  If it was for me, I would not wait, but redeem as soon as I could.  Do not check currency in your luggage.  Our best bet may be to carry it on, if that is necessary.  
Q:  The Chinese information from today of using USD to buy Chinese Yuan.
Bruce:  Once you exchange, it should be gold-backed new currency.  That is digital.  There may be ways to use that to purchase Yuan.. Work with your wealth managers.  US fiat dollars ar what is no longer wanted or needed.  
Q:  Group exchange vs. personal exchange.
Bruce:  Is this a trick question (laughing kindly)?  Be transparent.  We don't know fully, yet.  Exchange expediently in any and all cases, as rates may change.  "I have additional currency I did not yet get to exchange..."
Sue:  Speak clearly and with authority.
Q:  Intel is sparse form all sites (TNT, Wingit, WSOMN...), like never before.  Is something fishy?
Bruce:  I doubt it.  They wouldn't do that.  I feel it's a very good sign and indicator of where we are - that they are quiet.
Robert:  We cannot comment on others, and Bruce and I do NOT have the 800#'s.  There really is nothing else to talk about now.  
Q:  I have served.  I am tired and losing hope.  What can you tell me that will provide a Light at the end of this tunnel?
Robert:  Thank you for serving.  It has been long.  We are at the end of the ride.  This is a global life-changing, human history event.  
Bruce:  The signs we've seen in the last day or so is further evidence of how far along we are, especially the late night GCR announcement in China.  We cannot talk about a lot.  You are witnessing history and prophecy being fulfilled.  Everything I have heard right up until the time of the call is that we are in a very very good position.  We are being sensitive to what is happening in a positive way.  I feel very good about where we are.  The Blessing itself makes all of this very very worthwhile.  
~ Discussion ~ 
Sue, Robert & Bruce:  How our brain and emotions can accept the new....  Because we are that close.  Being really ready for it.  

~ Closing Comments ~
Yosef:  I just want to jump in here and tell you I love you all and how much we appreciate The Big Call and you and your team Bruce.  (Yosef reads a poem he wrote today...) "Today, I do know... tears always flow from love. ... Today what I need has already happened."  Our journey is transitioning into another form, yet the ride continues.  Have a great event.  And remember  this is a spiritual transition that just happens to have a 30-40 minute banking transaction.  I love you all.  
Bruce:  Thank you all...Thank you.  We love our Big Call Universe listeners.  Look forward to the coming hours and days.
Kent:  Prays us out.
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