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RE: "Everything is Set" - DizzyBear Intel from Nancy's Call via WSOMN, 30 APRIL

RE: "Everything is Set" - DizzyBear Intel from Nancy's Call via WSOMN

I respect the person going by the handle of DizzyBear. He seems to be the most connected within Dinarland as well as being involved with elements of the GCR/RV process.

So I tend to not to take lightly any of his comments. When he says things like he believes there will be no structured payouts or NDA's, that is some pretty strong stuff on the matter that goes contrary to popular belief.

As we all know, popular belief has not been very accurate in these parts. So I do not discount what he says.

When he says that he believes that there will be no structured payouts only exchange from fiat to gold/asset... he is saying that the old system of leveraged transactions will no longer be allowed. Based upon that, it seems evident that the banks holding exchange funds under structured payouts will not be allowed under the new system.

Either the funds are being released our they are not being released. But partial release is not the intent of the architects. Of course, the banks would love to be holding billions in interest free funds over time which would be the biggest motive for such a ploy.

Regarding no NDA, if everything goes at the same time and there are no contact rates... only good market rates across the board, there is no real need for NDA's accept to help protect the individual from criminal exposure.

No one can make a person keep their mouth shut for their own safety. But to confiscate their funds because of loose lips, seems very counter initiative. Who would benefit from that?

See how easy it is to become brainwashed by the so called politically correct story line that we get fed every day. The good news is that Dinarland is very useful to the GCR/RV architects as a forum to see exactly how banking cabal disinformation is being disseminated and used.

This is helpful to the GCR/RV architects in order to anticipate and counter the banking cabal moves. The truth will come out and the greed will be exposed and dealt with.

Blessings, G

Ro which I add some of my own notes--

I also managed to stay awake for Bits n Pieces...

Notably, DB said he didn't make one call on Friday (in his garden). So presumably he just checked the Markets and Headlines.

He re-emphasized that he is watching ca. 12 "Triggers,"  any of which will cause a cascade / collapse of US/Cabal markets & companies..which will REQUIRE-- voluntarily or not-- a public admission of Gold/Asset-Backed to give a Value to 'phony' economy.. = GCR / RV. +   =  B A N K S !!!!

There is no escape since whole world adjusting to Foney Fiat and the only solution is to add Real Value = Asset Backing.
 Triggers:  Bank of Japan (doubly toxic with derivatives) >>> Ger/EURO >>> US. (yesterday i think he said B of Japan alone could take US down because 'joined at the hip').

UK: On point of exiting EURO>> EURO >> US lll Collapse

He repeated Apple  and Twitter  are sliding-- indicators of a bursting Us Malarkey *Market)  Balloon.

IMO: China's move yesterday, loosening Yuan trading controls puts increased and real-world pressure on all other markets... tightened Checkmate position..likely, any next move by anyone--or pent-up impatient & urgent desire to escape this hollow Madness--will mean Checkmate / GAME OVER.

This is why DBear says China’s chess game is a perfect trap, inescapable, that cabal greed made  and meant inevitable end of Fed/Fiat/Debt Slavery. IMO.

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