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MNT. GOAT UPDATE: “Another Pivotal Week”, 11 APRIL

MNT GOAT NEWS LETTER        Edition: UU6924                  Dated: April 11, 2016
Title: “Another Pivotal Week”
Hello Everyone,
 I keep getting asked why is there this all out effort by Iraq and the international community to rid Iraq of corruption? Why now?   Like I said it is not all about the RV of the dinar. The RV is by-product of all the efforts to stop corruption, bring more security to Iraq, fix the financial and banking systems, the necessity to go international, join the WTO etc… We only think it is all about this investment because we are investors and stand to make a huge gain when they do RV. Our egos work this way and we think it is thus all about us. I can assure you it is NOT all about us but about Iraq and a much greater investment of the PTB in that country.
The answer then to this question as I can conclude is many facetted:
1, The current economic crisis makes it almost imperative to take action now. The “fluff” and the golden days of the oil bubble are over at $100-120 a barrel when it was easier to hide money and falsify data to get it.

2, More auditing practices are now in place in the Abadi government making it clearly more difficult to hide corruption. Most of it is now being exposed even going back to the past Maliki admin.
2, Iraq is now in a better political position where reforms are able address the corruption. Do you think a corrupt government is going to expose it self? Now Iraq has a political environment conductive to handling the corruption and motivated to place in play new laws to prevent further future corruption. 
3, Grantors of foreign loans, to help Iraq through its financial crisis, would be more resistant to giving loans without  the reforms on corruption since where would their loans go? Would they only line the pockets of the politicians again and not go towards the people?  i.e. IMF stipulating as an example that they will not loan money to Iraq without the mandated reforms on corruption. The USA also is not wanting to even give military aid without a hitch to implement the reforms.
4, Investors coming to Iraq need a SAFE political and financial environment to conduct business. We all know an international dinar is coming soon.
So here are the reasons I can conclude from the hundreds of articles I have read over recently and the last many years. Do you want to add any more reasons?
So how can anyone just say that another investor told them, who happens to be a banker,…because it is time to clean up the corruption and…there is no other reason why…because it is time to do it as a reason. Really?  What? Can you be more specific?  Do you know anything about what is really happening in Iraq to make such a statement? It is statements like this that really get my goat….lol…lol…
NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
Today’s News
Today is Monday April 11th  2016. YES- and still no RV.  Sorry to all you “Charlies” out there declaring the RV  is imminent every day (and believing it…lol…) now for over the past 5 years!   Guess another weekend of stress and hype as pasted without an RV….sorry Charlie for your pain but you bring it upon yourself.  
So let’s get real and dive into some concrete news from Iraq today. Let’s see if there is a realevidenced timeline for an RV coming soon.
Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t
I am still hearing that arguments and resistance to changing over the minister of Finance Zarabari. The USA is trying to force him to stay but Iraq wants a more experienced minister in the position. We wait to see what happens this week. They may just keep him for now as a proxy until the dust settles. Abadi is good at long term strategic thinking.
Over the weekend we heard that the National Coalition demanded the cancellation of theentire minister list submitted by Abadi last Thursday. Then the arguments began. Then shortly afterwards the 3 presidents declared a meeting with all the leaders of the political blocks. From this meeting they decided to allow more time time to submit their candidates since they did not take Abadi serious in this effort from the beginning and were reluctant to take any action of his mandate for a technocratic govt.
I showed you evidence of all these actions in my last couple news letters. So the saga to move towards a technocratic govt rages on….lol…lol…
So the recent news today is they will postpone the voting on the new cabinet until Thursday’s session of parliament. Seems they need a couple more days to allow the parties to submit their candidates and sort out this mess.
I quote from the article below – “MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Abdel Azim Ajman, on Monday, that the House of Representatives will vote next Thursday
I quote again from the article below – “ Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the new ministers put themselves political blocs to Abadi during the next two days, while the announced presence lingered merging ministries announced by Abadi decision. “.  “adding that next  (this) Wednesday will be the last date for the submission of candidates to Abadi blocs”.
 Article Begins
[Oan- Baghdad] 
Except for the parliament session , which is scheduled to be held next Tuesday from a paragraph vote on the ministerial agenda cabinet.
And it ends parliament deadline on Sunday after they identified 10 days at its meeting held on 31 last March to vote on the ministerial cabinet. 

It includes Tuesday 's session agenda, according to the information department "vote on the draft of the Ministry of Electricity Law, and vote on the bill abolishing the unfair changes to the boundaries of the law Administrative provinces, districts and areas all. "
It also includes" vote on the draft law on ratification of economic and technical cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait cooperation Agreement Act, and the first reading of the draft of the Iraqi Union of parliamentarians Act. " 

It would show" a report and discussion of the draft second amendment to the law of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Law No. 43 of 1989 " on the agenda. The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi reiterated today its commitment to provide the reshuffle to the House ofRepresentatives on time and showed all surprised by the announcement of the list of candidates also expressed surprise at the attack on the ministerial list presented to parliament , "he said . " The reshuffle small part of thereform. " 

as parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri said today that the committee recorded observations on the candidates ,"adding that he" does not Inigi the House of Representatives vote on the candidates to see their names only, "he warned at the same time" to jump on the timings to made ​​the government and parliament to the Iraqi people in the implementation of reforms. " 

The display Jubouri four proposals to resolve the political dispute over the cabinet reshuffle , including submission of the political blocs to a technocratic candidates are entitled to the prime minister accepted or rejection.
Article Ends
Article Begins
Special - balances News
According to an official source, Sunday, the start of the three presidencies meeting at the headquarters of the Presidency in the presence of leaders of political blocs.
The source told / balances News / The "three presidencies meeting was held in the presence of President Fuad Masum and Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri."
The source, who preferred not to be named, said: "The meeting was attended by:
-Minister of Foreign Affairs Chairman of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari;
-head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim;
-head of Independent Mass Education Minister Hussein al-Shahristani;
-Secretary General of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri ;
-Secretary General of the Virtue Party Hashem al-Hashemi;
-head of the united Osama Najafi
-president of the Arab bloc Saleh Mutlaq,
-leader of the coalition forces Jamal Karbouli
Article Ends
Article Begins
It revealed leaks, Monday, sending the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr a message "secret" to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in order to move to declare the ministerial selection of independent "technocrats."
And picked local media the text of the letter, which has not been confirmed, which said, quoting al-Sadr, said that "will be forced to demand the withdrawal of confidence and the abolition of parliament and suspending the Constitution ... ..echtmha darling solution in your hand."
This means, explained that "Abadi, he replied:" I'm between your project and the demands of the political blocs that force me to stay in accordance with the maturity and the Constitution. "
Revealed channel "free Iraq," funded by the United States, Sunday, all the political blocs agree on the rejection of most of the candidates presented by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the House of Representatives for a vote on them instead of the present now, as revealed candidates blocs names to form a government of "technocrats" .
The news channel in the news, seen by "Sky Press," for parliamentary sources, say that the "new cabin includes:
Muhammad Ali Hakim, Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations, a candidate for foreign Fadel Abdul Nabi, finance is still ??
Khaled al-Samarrai Electricity
Mousa al-Moussawi, head of Baghdad University for higher education."
She added that "cabin includes Mustafa al-Hiti, planning and MP Abdul Kahar Samarrai, education, agriculture Laos Orfali," pointing out that it was agreed on the survival and the defense and interior ministers in their posts, "asserting that" the Kurds are determined to stay Faryad Roandzi Minister of Culture and deputies want to remain Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani labor and social affairs. "
And held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Sunday evening, the meeting of the three presidencies with the leaders of blocs and political parties, to discuss the document of national reform, seeking to determine the country out of the current crisis path, and deepen all the national forces of cooperation on the basis of the political process and constitutional Mrtkzadtha, while the presidency confirmed that The meeting discussed the formation of an advisory council to discuss the political upper strategies, as pointed out that the meeting discussed to ensure a safe and dignified return of displaced people and to begin reconstruction operations.

Article Begins
MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Abdel Azim Ajman, on Monday, that the House of Representatives will vote next Thursday in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the new ministers put themselves political blocs to Ebadi during the next two days, while the announced presence lingered merging ministries announced by Abadi decision.

He Ajman in a press statement, that ' the political blocs agreed with the Prime Minister to retain ministerial representation as in the current government, through the provision of three candidates technocrats blocks each minister represented, while the prime minister to choose one of three candidates for each ministry and bring them to parliament to vote on them next Thursday. '

He added that ' the political blocs also agreed to postpone the decision of the Prime Minister on the integration of ministries announced by the House of Representatives,' noting that ' the new government formation will ensure that each political bloc ministerial representation in the current government, but that will be the new minister characterized as technocrats to run his ministry '.

He continued Healing the 'coalition of the Iraqi forces and the National Alliance finished Marchiham selection phase of the new government, while the Kurds has not been decided and the National Coalition candidates so far,' adding that 'next Wednesday will be the last date for the submission of candidates to Abadi blocs'

Article Ends
Update: Needed Laws
I quote from the recent article -  “general amnesty law and the law of accountability and justice will be voted on them in the next upcoming parliamentary session , ” adding that “this vote will come within the parliamentary reforms.“ Federal Court….Amnesty…Debaaath Law All In 1 Basket Resolves In Parliament Reform Package.

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