Wednesday, April 6, 2016

KTFA: Frank26 (Reposted from Mon. Night CC), 6 APRIL

Frank26 (Reposted from Mon. Night CC)  ..so will Iraq comply with the IMF to do a few things by the end of the first half of 2016...well I see them running to this position far more than I see them delaying ...it is impressive fighting corruption and prosecuting became an eruption and it has succeeded.

But laws are ready to dominate because many reforms have already commenced...weeks and months ago in Iraq without them telling you...reforms are marching...
I can tell you very clearly that Abadi got what he wanted...he got all his reforms...IMO...you see the evidence of it...banking systems...MasterCard...bonds actually being sold...and so on...this is HUGE. 

 I love that many oil companies are in Iraq digging, exploring, and drilling in Iraq even more than before. Something has enticed them to reach deeper into their pockets for Iraq and for themselves as international companies.

 Iraq has disrespected the international world for the last 10 years with all of the gifts and the alms that have been paid at their feet, it is time to pay up Iraq. You are primed to enter Article 8 of the IMF in the first half of 2016...you are now officially weaned. 

The RI...the Reinstatement of the currency...the preparation...all of that is what is going to allow them to enter into Article 8...oh my word…they got all these things done.
 Let’s start the reconstruction... raise the value of your money...because the loans are not for that part...that is not the deal...the new math is for that part.  

 last night...Dr. Shabibi turned in his resume to the international world...Dr. Shabibi has been the governor of the CBI all along...he was dismissed by Maliki in 2012 but he remained the governor of the CBI all along...and he worked on the Monetary Reform of his currency...of his country that he loves and cares for all this time...

So may I suggest to you that Dr. Shabibi handed in his resume...these are my qualifications for being the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq because maybe Allak is now ready to hand in his resignation and say good bye...just as we told you...we said ...that he would be there...that he will take the helm...what are you thinking of doing Dr. Shabibi...well maybe I come back and stand on that soapbox and make an announcement...tell the people...I love ya...and I tell them to get their RI set because the RV is next..

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